When watching the terminal video from the level 343GS video...

I was watching this video And noticed that when it cuts to the terminal video in the background you can hear the background noise from the level it self.

heres the link to the music played, thanks to nova spartan x

What i want to know is why they cut out the part where he brings us to the terminal.

When i first saw the terminal video i thought it was just a random sample but judging by the erm… “jungle-type noises” its safe to assume that the terminlal video (might be) from the level 343GS which makes sense considering that was the level demonstrated.

Not really interesting but i felt like i wanted to point it out. You would think that the terminal video shown would be shown in an earlier level like… well “The Pillar of Autumn”.

They probably wanted the terminal locations to remain hidden to keep it a surprise, until those sleezy jerks post online guides :frowning:


Its Music.

It was added to the Terminal.

> Incorrect.
> Its Music.
> It was added to the Terminal.

ahh thanks for the music link but why does that make it incorrect? I mean i could certtainly be wrong but it seems a bit out of place for the terminal video.

Wouldn’t the cut also be for not showing the Flood? I don’t remember how the level went in the original game, so I’m not too sure.