When was halo ever balanced?

People have always been talking about “this halo game isn’t balanced the last one was better” but (being around since CE) i don’t recall any halo game ever being balanced.

Arguably you could probably say CE was balanced because every weapon would now be considered “over powered”. other than the pistol which clearly was.

No way was halo 2 balanced with The button combos which i will start and end with.

Halo 3 was pretty much a laser and BR game, nobody used or could use anything else unless it was a shotgun or a sniper. Vehicle usage pretty much stopped with this game. Don’t get me started on how you could get past a 45 (if not 40) in lonewolves if you didn’t use the BR the whole game.
You couldn’t get past a 45 if you didn’t switch to bumper jumper and change the speed you look around. Remember when teams would grab all the power weapons and just camp the sword room in the pit? I do. What about hiding around in swat?

Halo reach had that armor lock punching crap. You then had the covenant’s lack of a sniper and shotgun which showed in Invasion. I can’t say much more because i honestly didn’t play it as much.

Halowars had balance issues but all RTS games do at times.

So has halo ever really been balanced? Or is that just something we say to romanticize the past? Because i know for a fact halo 3(mainly) and reach cause me more frustration than halo 4 has in terms of “balance”.

The magnum in CE wasn’t over powered, and was balanced perfectly with all of the other weapons, except for the needler.

> The magnum in CE wasn’t over powered, and was balanced perfectly with all of the other weapons, except for the needler.

um, even the developers commented on it being overpowered so i don’t know what you were trying to do. They called it “The god pistol”.

> The magnum in CE wasn’t over powered, and was balanced perfectly with all of the other weapons, except for the needler.

Lol it killed real fast at ranges where only a sniper even COULD shoot back, if someone was good with that pistol it was the only thing worth having. Unless you stumbled accross a sniper or wanted to corner camp a shotgun

I agree with the OP on the CE pistol, halo 2 button combos and anything about reach

But halo 3 I had a lot of fun playing with different dual wields and niche guns, some of them were amazing and nearly always left on the ground for me. Spiker plasma rifle blue and red flashing death streams FTW!

I really enjoy the guns of halo 4 as well, aside from the dmr they did a pretty good job making guns with ups and downs to using them, that dmr is all ups with no drawbacks but that’s not really the point of this topic so I’m done

The Pit seemed to be the definition of balanced to me. Equal opportunity to obtain a setup at the start of a game through symmetry.

Previous imbalances mattered little when every person spawned with the same tools and same chances at weapons on the map…

Halo 4 has more or less the same issue that is magnified by custom loadouts… Spawning with different tools = not equal chances. One could argue that’s the other players fault for choosing an inferior loadout for any given map… But still.

Most Halo games have been pretty balanced, but this one has some GLARING issues magnified by the lack of developer feedback. When 60% of halo players use the same loadout it’s a problem.

The difference was the ability to customize to MAKE it balanced. Hmmmm they took that away the ability to customize the custom games. Funny I swear I read/heard Kevin Franklin stating this was going to be the most customizable Halo to date. LIES. LIES. LIES.

Nice to see someone else finally saw the light…

Honestly, the entire debates over the years has always been one of: performance balance. That no matter what the settings are, no matter what weapons you started with, it has always been about the player who can use the weapon to help his team.

The issue with this is not so much balancing weapons into coherent intervals of power within each other, though that is important too, but more so about accounting for the human element.

No halo game to date has managed to account for that. Which is to be expected when you think about it.

Problem I see, is that everyone seems to complain about the balance in the new Halo versus the previous Halo. Before you know it, people will start saying “Halo 5 is so unbalanced. I wish it was more like Halo 4.” and the same with Halo 6.

Halo For Matchmaking … Halo 2 you had to be “good” learn and master the button combos…It not a game you played to get to a 50 it was a game u played against people on your own level of knowledge …Im not gonna say it was a perfect game but for me at least I had the most fun with it just playing win or lose.

Halo 3 was about team work and map control (Idk what LW had to do anything about this. it don’t mater how good u are if 3 people shoot at u all game)
Halo 3 was balanced very well in the other all facts… the ar had power but not to much compared to the br it was all about how far away you were to ur opponent.
Was there game were people camped? Yes. In all camps u have that team u play against but for me at least it was rarely the case for a team sittin in a room waitin for u unless I was in doubles. For sayin the weapons are not balanced seems to be invaded. There were your starter weapons and random weapons on the map that would help you have an advantage on ur opponent for how you played(Shotgun/mauler close range & sniper/laser longer range)

I would like to say a lot for reach but I really cant. It has been so long since I could play that game. it had it flaws to me. I think the bloom mad the guns little harder to use and some of the AA like u said were not the best it little hard to say its balanced when u AA lock up and call for help when u would have normally died.

Halo 4 to me is not a halo game its a new kinda of game so trying to compare the way it balnced is unfair. I do have to say with not getting kncocked of of ur scope and no bloom there really is no point to use any other gun the a dmr all game. There a few weapons to use and one is a clear winner even if u don’t want it to be. I love to use the BR but I just know its smarter to use the DMR. To be sittin with a invisible AA i think is a terrible idea.

that’s how I feel about how stuff is Halo balance for the most part Halo 2 most fun, Halo 3 most balance, reach was start of a down fall, and Halo 4 One gun owns the show of the whole game.

So because you couldn’t get a 50 in Halo 3 without the BR makes it unbalanced? That is one of the dumbest things I have seen posted on here sorry. 3 WAS the best and most balanced because it thrived on what made Halo, Halo. Map control, map movement, power, call outs, and team shooting because the BR was inconsistent. The playlists in 4 promote the opposite of team work.

I could get to a 50 without using the BR once.