When the odds are against you

So I recently played my first game on MCC with my old account.I was playing Halo 3 and as soon as the game started my team mates quit so naturally I thought of quitting since it was just me against the entire team but I decided to stick around,as soon as I encountered the enemy team I was able to kill them almost instantly with a BR.I decided to give them a run for their money and I ended up winning.The morale of this story is to never quit when the odds are against you,who knows you might just win.So I ask the community if anyone of you has a story where all your teammates quit and it was you solo against an entire team and you won.

All the time depending on the map. On midship you can basically kiss your hopes of winning good bye. Usually the bigger the map the better off you are. I can remember going 50-and like 15 on burial mounds snipers 4v1 that was probably my best 1v4 game

Back in the day in halo 2 when team killing was all the rage to make your team go negative in points a buddy and came back from a -20 to +29 game of snipes on sanctuary.

I once won a game of Swat Assault (1 nothing) on Ascension, 1v4.
I wish Theater existed back then because it was a thing of beauty.
That was when I was in my prime.

Check my Showcase for my 1v4 win on Beaver Creek. Its most of the game in a 5 min clip.

I had a 1v3 game the other day on Guardian. lost 24-16 simply because they kept getting me with the hammer or the invisibility. i could out gun one or two at a time, but there was always someone else shooting so that 3rd guy would always get me, ran out of time. But that map has good flow to it, so you can constantly be on the run, and gun at the same time.

All teamates quit.
Go afk.
Bores enemy team and some leave.

I don’t like quitting games at all. So even if my teammates all quit at the beginning or get mad because they got straight embarrassed, I still play. There have been many times where I have won game sin the past and made the other team feel like crap. Yeah your KD will suffer from it but I like the challenge, of course unless you are on Ascension and the other team has both snipers and you are spawning at banshee. Even then I just take my time and take a couple shots and wait for them to get tired of waiting and I get kills that way. You just have to play smart and sometimes you still have the opportunity to win or at least maintain a zero or positive K/D.

went like 37-13 2v4 on ivory tower H2, 27-15 on a 1v4 H2A on lockout (whatever its called), 30+ kills on a 2v4 (1 quit after like 5 mins) on sanctuary. with a few lesser carries inbetween. happened a bunch a times to me.