When the community get so toxic?

I agreed with you for the first two parts, but you went off the rails with the last part…

Wanting things to be like they were or to be improved to a point that’s at least close to the level from before isn’t being entitled, and what you’re doing is almost as toxic as the people you’re criticizing.

Yeah, the game has potential, but that doesn’t mean very much when most of it is obviously designed to make people buy challenge swaps and outrageously overpriced items.

Also, while some people are going overboard, and that’s not acceptable, it’s not like the entire community or even most of the community is doing that.
There are many people expressing their criticisms and suggestions in a civil and articulate manner.

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If you think this community is toxic, then you clearly haven’t played CoD. Their community is probably the most toxic of all first-person shooters.

People who -Yoink!- are probably compensating for their IRL lives being so lackluster.

That depends on how one looks at what is being posted. For me, I can take any post and ignore the petty things that bother most and look at what’s actually being said.

See, your comment saying (there is a lot of entitlement and crying) can say a lot about you, and anyone can take that wrong and in reality, it was just you throwing more fuel on that fire.

It’s funny how people complain about the forum being toxic, yet they are creating posts to be toxic, how does that work?


Yeah, i was thinking in an aggressive mindset. I step back now and see what i posted and i’m moved to apologize.

Sorry, y’all. Really. I should be glad that the Halo community wants to absolute best from the devs, but i do believe we should go about it better, i’m sticking to that.

That last part was toxic…ironically.

My accept this humble apology. Will remove soon.

When you allow free to play into your game, you allow every child, troll, and abuser unlimited access to your ecosystem.

You are seeing every other game player, from Fortnite to Apex to COD - joining in, if nothing else to “trash on” this game.

With it, they bring their attitudes, and communities - both toxic and otherwise.

343 isn’t a small company hurting for money, they’re owned by Microsoft. Microsoft has their own server infrastructure, and could easily choose to host the game’s servers without taking much if any margin hit. This is unironically predatory monetization with a BS excuse.

If this was an indie company, or not a dev owned by one of the largest tech companies on the planet I might have given them a pass. But, they’re not. They’re the devs of one of Microsoft’s biggest gaming franchises, second probably only to Minecraft.

The idea that they couldn’t afford the upkeep of the servers with minimal margin hit is absurd.

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When the community get so toxic?

Always was