When the community get so toxic?

Talking trash is part of the game; mics, t-bags, all that. But the community at large is so filled with bitterness and spite, it’s concerning, to be honest.

A lot of entitlement and crying, in my opinion. :man_shrugging:t4:


the community became more spiteful unsurprisingly when 343i/microsoft became more predatory.


Entitlement and crying? For the extreme cases I guess. Most people want a solid and complete product, and not one that has most it’s content gutted to sell back to us or for fomo “events”


You mustn’t have been in the Halo 3 forum, or the ODST forum, or the Reach forum on the classic bungie forums when those game launched.


Community has been toxic since Halo 2 launched Xbox Live


death threats and other crap on reddit targeted towards devs is not okay the entire halo reddit was shut down temporarily and now the mods scour through posts on reddit due to people’s immaturity.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for criticism but it needs to be constructive and needs to provide feedback and way to fix it that suits the player base and not just an individual

This is what “everyone gets a trophy “ system has created. A lot of self entitle mommies special flower individuals that feel everything in the world needs to fit them. Call me a boomer I don’t care but I see a lot of potential with this game and yet it is being absolutely crucified by one of the most toxic communities I have ever seen.

Id have more proof if moderators didn’t remove it all……it’s gotten to the point where mods watch the Reddit very closely

add h at beginning of links (won’t let me post links) first one is about the Reddit being temporarily shut down second link is the actual Reddit itself for halo



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Yup, lol Xbox Live then was the wild wild west. Ahhhh, fond memories of that. What a time in gaming.

because of posts like these meant to entice arguing by calling people “entitled and crying”


The community has always had toxic people, because people are toxic if they so choose to be. It’s nothing new, back when I was a young teen and I used to binge Naruto, I was honestly disgusted when I heard people sent the writer death threats because he didn’t pair Naruto up with Sakura.

Entertainment is there to be enjoyed, if you’re gonna get so upset you’re gonna threaten other people’s lives because you didn’t get what you wanted, maybe that’s a sign that you should step away from whichever community/fandom you’re in…

That’s why I’ll be playing mostly campaign. Avoid all the sweats and toxic greifers.

Do you know who I am? I have owned an Xbox live account since it came out. I deserve not only trust and respect from community members, but also a direct line of communication with anyone within 343.

Any less than that and I will :sob:

“Critically evaluating the value proposition of a corporate product and the business practices of the major corporation that produced it is entitled and toxic. Don’t ask questions, just consume product and get excited for next product.”


Must consume product 🧟‍♂️

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The year is 2021 and Halo has only been going downhill with 343i at the helm. 343i wants this to be the most competitive Halo to date (as that wasn’t even a consideration with H4 or H5), but pro’s were still playing Halo 3 on MCC for tournaments this year. That’s a 2007 game, slightly remastered with frame rate, being played 14 years later on MLG or HCS settings or whatever.

It’s bold thoughts like that, that just create backlash. This games TTK will hinder its competitiveness, AR starts will never help, the through wall kills is a major obstacle, overall UI, random bloom on some weapons but not others, how enemies glow cross map, and how they won’t even bring back the 25m radar that they changed for whatever reason (but thankfully isn’t in ranked so that’s a +1). And the fact that it seems like 1/5 of the population playing doesn’t care to use mics. Halo has only ever been about teamwork and communication with callouts, so a F2P game where mass amounts of people don’t care for the title or history of the game itself, but come from different games just to play… I’m glad to have them, but talk to your teammates.

Are we toxic? Not sure, I just spit my claim on every topic I see. Are others toxic? I have yet to run into one on matchmaking that is. Are the forums toxic? Perhaps, but it’s just people being emotional and fueled by anger because of how they feel about the game and how let down they are based off of what we were told by 343i and what is currently in the game we’re playing.

If I tell you everything about the game that I absolutely love then it’ll be upbringing and amazing. But I can’t do that with so much that’s wrong, because the good isn’t going to make me stay whereas the bad will actually make me leave like I did with H5 with absolutely no regret and I was ok with waiting 4 years till the chance at another good Halo emergence.

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Criticism =/ toxicity.

The tea bagging and trash talking is toxic, yeah, and anyone saying other lies is full of crap.

But, criticizing the game; justly I might add; is not toxic. Especially its predatory monetization and handful of balance issues.


They aren’t predatory, how else can they feed their families and keep the servers up and running?

It’s a bit left and right. But this is the curse of the internet.

the same way bungie did lol

B-b-b-but H:I is a modern game and the old ways don’t work anymore! We have to help the studios survive these hard times with $20 armor packs to help them achieve their profit margins!