When should i get gold REQ packs

I’m almost done getting all silver armor, weapons, etc. Except for emblems. Should I wait to get gold REQ packs until I have everything including emblems, or should I just go for gold anyways. I don’t really care for emblems I just want to know what would be the best deal for my REQ points.

When I got all Rare sets and visors, that’s when I started Golds. I was fine with the occasional rare when I was getting Ultra-Rare 95% of the time.

Yeah, you should be good to start getting golds, but don’t be surprised if you get rare or below.

I started getting gold packs when i was about 75% done with my rares and 100% with my commons and uncommons. Emblems seemed to have a low drop rate for me, so I was seeing URs very commonly and also getting legendaries roughly 30% of the time. That’s just me, though. You’re definitely ready to start opening nothing but golds.