When is the HCS finals supposed to happen

Does anyone know when the hcs finals happen this weekend? I really want that commando coating.

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It’s September 23rd, 24th and 25th!
Starts at 9am PST or 12Est!
Sunday the 25th something big is happening there was a World Premier announcement!

Finals are typically Sunday evening.

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Believe the finals is where you get the Commando Gladiator’s Edge coating. Just need to know the time of the event.


Watch it for at least 1 hour

Do you know the exact time of the event?

The finals seldom have a set time, due to the unknown length of the brackets that immediately precede them. Just have to watch and wait. Keep an eye out for twitter notifications

I think a past event was scheduled for 5pm(not sure time zone of event) but didn’t get started till 6:30ish east coast. Depends when they get things wrapped up.

5PM est


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Of course in the middle of my work shift. Guess I’ll be streaming it from my phone.

Starts at 5pm est.
If there’s a bracket reset that reset starts at 6:30pm est.
Good luck!

Commando is available on Twitch now.

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Does anyone know if they played on the new Pit map this weekend? I haven’t seen it. Kinda makes the “premier” more of an announcement?

Don’t bother. You’ll just be disappointed. It’s only for comp players in the esports tournament, I think.