When is the Double XP Duration Increasing?

I read that the double XP duration will be increasing from 30 minutes to an hour. Does anyone know when this change will take place?

Isn’t it already in effect? I could’ve sworn I redeemed an XP boost a few days ago & it had an hour duration.

I wasn’t sure if it was or not because on my xp boosts it still says 30 minutes in the description. They were from the promotional Monster cans, so maybe the change doesn’t apply to those?

It says 30 minutes in the description, but when you pop it, it’s a 60-minute timer. I have a bunch of the Monster boosts, too, and every XP boost I’ve used since the announced change has had a 60-minute timer.


The description just hasn’t been updated. it’ll still give you 60 minutes. (★‿★)

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@XP3C @Trenton_Romulox

That’s excellent news! Thanks for the information, you two. Guess I had better start using mine, lol.

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