When is Progression system coming?

Since launch the numeber one thing that has been ruining the game for me is that there is no career progression system. So my question is when are we going to get it? I wish 343 would be transparent about it. I know sean from 343 said “in a season or so” but that’s so vauge. Lack of progression is one of the main reasons the player count dips because once you finish the battle pass you feel like you are wasting your time playing the game.


They mentioned in the recent video interviews that they were working on it.

The new XP system being trialled is the first step.

It’s not on the Roadmap for Season 3 - but it’s probably safe to assume it will be added to a 2023 roadmap.


Probably around S4

(20 characters or something)


Its beyond a joke… Should of been in the game at launch… Its not hard to add and should not take them a couple of seasons or to test try a match xp system thats basic stuff… Lazy dev team


Chill out. It’s only been done since 2007 /s :slight_smile: :facepunch:

When it’s done

The progression system hasn’t been officially added yet to the roadmap, but I’m hoping sometime during season 3 or season 4. Fingers crossed for sure fellow Spartan.

Surely it will undergo an Insider Flight ahead of launch too? That will give us as much as three months heads up potentially

Looking at 343‘s understanding of a „match based xp system“, i’ve absolutely no hope for the progression system. But maybe the last 80 players can enjoy when it comes late 2025…


It’s seriously confusing that it isn’t present already. It was a staple of past Halo games, is a staple in most competing FPS and it’s pretty much a free player retention boost. If they aren’t working hard on it already they -Yoink!- well should be.

I feel like they are reluctant to promise upcoming features at the moment after previous failures to meet timelines and the resulting player backlash. That shouldn’t stop them from telling us what they are working on and giving us vague timelines. That won’t keep everyone happy but it’s better than radio silence.


It’s almost pointless now. I imagine it would be season 4 or later. By then some people will have been playing for two years. Do they start those players at level 1 or max rank? Neither option is ideal. So basically it’s too late now to fairly implement anything.