When Is It Ethical To Leave Game

This has been bothering me for a while. Players probably think I’m rage quitting when I’m just leaving due to abysmal rubberbanding.

So here is my list of what I call ethical quitting.

  1. Lag - when it becomes unbearable due to not being able to gauge jumps or aim because your Spartan is blinking all over the place.

  2. When you need to go AFK for more than a couple of minutes - leaving is just sensible if you don’t want a ban. It also allows your place to be allocated to someone who actually wants to play.

  3. When more than two people are AFK - Why even try when it’s 4 vs 2. The sheer firepower advantage will mean you lose (unless you are some super-dooper Halo player).

There is one reason I usually don’t quit for… and that is Rage! I’ve been in teams that have rage quit that totally screwed up the game. One guy had three people on his Xbox and all three left after betraying the rest of the team. I left that game, not in rage but in disgust.

But the thing that makes me stay in game is the fact I might be the host. I hate it when the host leaves and causes a restart and don’t want to inflect that on others.

So when do you think it is ethical to leave the game?

When people are teaming up in Regicide.

I leave whenever JIP puts me in a no win BS match.

i have no obligation to stay.

Your are very honorable :slight_smile: I agree with you and I only quit for those reasons.

“Guys, my Xbox just caught on fire, I’m gonna have to leave this game.”

Whenever you don’t feel like playing. I used to like having people leave games in H3 and Reach, because it meant I didn’t have to deal with them dying all the time. Not sure if H4 will act in the same way, but meh.

When you are no longer having fun, that is the point of the game after all.

It is NEVER ethical to leave a game that has the word “HALO” in it’s title…

The Halo motto is “Finish the Fight”!!!

And if you start it, then you better finish it, otherwise burn your disk(s), and delete your profile, as you are not worthy to ever play a game again. Plain and simple.

See you on the battle field.

Leaving a game isn’t even unethical though…

When matchmaking decides to chuck me into the losing side of a 137-25 King of The Hill match.

I used to stay in games all the time and get annoyed when people quit then I just decided F it and now I quit all the time. There is no incentive to stay when there is zero penalty for quitting. Oh and anytime I get put into a JIP which is about 60% of the times I insta-quit before I am even spawned sometimes.

When dinner’s ready.

I usually leave when I need to do something… or go eat.

> When dinner’s ready.

I leave if

  1. lag
  2. friend got ddosed
  3. if i ever join a game in progess, I instantly leave unless the score is literally even by ±2. (which is rarely the case)
    Most of the time I jip, i’m with 2 or more friends. 343 WHEN 3 PEOPLE OF ONE TEAM QUIT OUT MID GAME, IT USUALLY MEANS THERE IS BS GOING ON IN THE GAME. aka super laggy.
  4. teammates never go in the hill/hold the ball/pull the flag. I know there is a time to slay, and a time to push, but when the score is 100 100 in koth and you have 0 seconds, **** yourself


Incompetent teammates.

Thrown into a “rape” game.

Or all of the above.

> When dinner’s ready.

… Pizza at the door… Had to quit out of a game for that.

Personally I try to not quit matches. I usually stick it out even in a 5-vs-1 senario. Betrayals (when it was obviously intentional) I kick the player. If that ends up taking everyone with him and guarantees me a loss so be it. If they quit because we’re loosing I stick it out. On the otherhand if they’re AFK (Why join a game if you’re no going to play?) I might consider leaving if its more than one teammate doing it (Had 3 people do this during an Ops mission-which I won singlehandedly) but even then I stick it out.

Now the exception might be the laggers/quitters in BTB just to respawn weapons/vehicles which I hate (as if you have to cheat to win then just don’t play) or guys with a bad connection or aren’t regional (not their fault as a regional/good connection filter “should” be in H4 which 343i needs to fix). I find the people worth playing with are the ones that grin and bear it. If you have to quit due to RL matters thats different, H4 is just a game after all and RL takes precedence. But if you must try to tell someone, we have a headset for a reason (I know some people mute) or if you’re with friends msg them.

Just don’t forget to have fun, no-one likes to loose but some of those losses were my favorite matches-especially the close ones.

DE Nemesis Wolf of the Dark Enforcers

I’ll quit if something comes up that is more important than video games. Other than that, I don’t really care. I play to play. If I’m not having fun, that’s too bad for me- but it’s a temporary state. The next game will be better, or at least different.

And instead of implementing “penalties” for quitting (other than, say, the loss of whatever XP the player may have gained), 343i needs to think about incentives for staying. For example, Gears of War 3 has a “consecutive games played” bonus. It’s not very big, even when maxed out, but it’s guaranteed XP so long as you keep playing and don’t quit.

Something like that would be a good addition, I think.

When the chicken is burning.