When Is Halo4 Going To Be Finished?

Halo4 feels like a Beta to me. It is missing half of its playlists, it is missing the skill ranking system, it is missing a USEFUL fileshare, custom games are just awful!!! When is everything finally going to be implemented and fixed into this game and this WAITING process stops???

I have been playing the YOINK! out of Halo4. It it a pretty fun game, and I have found some pretty cool guys to play with online. I have around 4 days played on this game, my K/D is above a 2.0, my win percentage is around 63% (not trying to brag). I would say I am a veteran of Halo4 so far and I know most of the good and bad things of Halo4. But it is getting real old real fast when some of my favorite things are promised to be put back into the game in a couple of months. Halo4 has been out for 3-4 months and almost nothing has been put in that has been promised…

I feel like I should put my Halo4 disk into my drawer, wait about 3 months, and then play the FINISHED game.

I feel like Halo 4 is a Halo 5 beta.

Hate games being rushed? Hate Halo being rushed? Too bad, get use to it folks. This is an old post, but it more than likely will apply today.

> I feel like Halo 4 is a Halo 5 beta.

It kinda is… Whatever, as long as I still find some part of the game that works I’ll enjoy it.

Hopefully Halo 5 does come out on the Xbox 720 (or whatever), the Xbox 360 has too many limitations now.

Lol, you think this is unfinished?

That’s funny. Quality stuff.

Someone should go to play the War Z and find out the difference between unfinished, and realize they mean they find it lacking. Of things that have become a standard of Halo. (But then, that was Bungie Halo, not 343i Halo.)

> When Is Halo4 Going To Be Finished?

Given the current population, I’d give it until July.