When is Halo 5 being released?

When is Halo 5 being released? I haven’t had a chance to review everything. Does someone have specifics?

Didn’t you see the Xbone presentation today? Neither did I. But I did see the notice about Halo for Xbox One coming in 2014. So, the answer is 2014, probably in the fall, just in time for Christmas.

There was only a short teaser trailer, which (imo) was pretty damn awesome :D, but yeah it only mentioned that it would be landing in 2014. I’m with bioadam, it’ll probably land sometime around fall next year :slight_smile:


Xbox one in November 2013.

Halo 5 sometime in 2014.

That’s all we know at the moment.

XBO is being released on Nov. 2013 & Halo 5 is being released on Nov. 2014, like Blues said. However, I hope Halo 5 is pushed back to Early 2015.

New halo game coming out for Xbox one in 2014

  1. Most likely late 2014.

Probably somewhere around November 2014.