When is development going to be faster and consistent?

When is this game going to actually be a live service game like fortnite, apex, destiny ect? When a world premiere is 1 map thats not even finished thats saying something. All along they’ve been saying go slow so they can go faster later well when is later? 5 years from now?


They’ll rely on the Forge beta until November 2023 then trickle some content until Tatanka November 2024.


Dude honestly I don’t think it’s going to hold well the November Update brings. Forge Beta with no Custom Games Browser. Making Forge just a single player creator mode unable to share those builds with other players.

Meanwhile MW 2 is dropping one week ish before the November Update with tons of Content… And a week or so after they are dropping Warzone 2.0…

And other games are gearing up for releases soon after that.

343 is struggling to just stay above water with content,

Meanwhile Activision is dropping all forms of content day 1 and I’m assuming will be updating it consistently… With 3 month seasons.

Halo Infinite tried to buy itself too much time and now I honestly think time is now no longer at their side… They should of had this game in good standing 3 months ago to stay ahead of all these newer releases… But I think it’s going to be a painful next few months


Just consider, Microsoft owns how many big name titles now, do you actually think it’s going to be any different for those games going forward? People don’t expect much anymore and will open their wallets for almost anything, even paying for the same thing over and over, Halo is their flag-ship game, and look at the state of it, and there is no urgency to fix it, or add content.

I would be very interest to view all the data Microsoft has accumulated from this experiment, it must be an experiment, number one question … what can we get away with? The way companies conduct their business now, there is only one way to survive, and that is to buy up all competition.

The state of this game makes no business sense, the lack of content, and features was odd when the game first came out, but now almost a year later, it’s just weird, and it doesn’t seem to register with them.

I imagine there is an unopened file marked urgent on someone’s corporate desk, it’s been buried under the big ideas pile.


The impression I’ve got from the videos etc is that they are consolidating now and then planning to be more active from Season 3 onwards.

So. I’d say, touch wood, from March 2023 onwards.

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Why do people keep talking about MW 2? CoD and Halo are vastly different. If someone wants to play CoD they’d go play it, someone won’t just scratch a Halo itch with a game that has a TTK that’s measured in blinks of the eyes rather than seconds.

MWII beta if you added 100 levels and made it take longer to lvl it would stand alone put the current state of halo to shaame

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As different as they are they still occupy similar space in the FPS market. Despite the massive differences between the two franchises I would be a liar if I said I wasn’t interested to see what MW2 has to offer. Heck even Destiny 2 has pulled me back after a very long break because Infinite just didn’t scratch my FPS itch anymore.

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The thing is the MCC scratches that halo itch a hell of a lot better than Infinite does. And I’m going to be going over to CoD MW2 after having played the beta this weekend and finding myself enjoying it a lot more than Infinite.

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According to them they’re aiming to finally be caught up by the end of 2023. With our current track record, my expectation is halfway into 2024 if they don’t shudder the whole project by then. I don’t blame anyone for leaving until then.

My girlfriend and I just played through the new Splatfest in splatoon 3 (Team Gear won woo!) and we sat there for a bit in the lobby after our final match of the weekend and she said this while I thought the same “I had more fun with Splatoon in 2 days than all of Halo Infinite.”

Splatoon 3 was my first full splatoon game and if 343 is so dead-set on copying other games and trends, they need to copy splatoon 3 for its events. Imagine having to take certain sides and whoever wins changes the tone of the next event, or even season. There is so much potential.

Sadly it looks like what little Infinite offers, other games offers better alternatives.

Because cod for years has been halos no’1 contender. Ever since both franchises first release they’ve been neck and neck to see who can surpass who. So people use it as a comparison in terms of content, play, etc.

Think, Cold War era russia vs us. It was a battle where no guns were fired. But instead a race, who could build the rockets faster and more quality manor. Who could send a rocket up to space, land on the moon, who could
Build nukes faster, etc.

halo and cod are the same in some regard, who can consistently release good and quality content faster than the other, who can keep a steady player base, who can keep the trust of its players. Halo has lost in that race, it takes months and now a whole year for 343 to release things that should’ve been in the game long before launch, they can’t consistently make steady updates/releases. The player base has declined significantly if not dead now. AND they’ve lied to us countless times. Made promises and then dipped and said “no, we are canceling it” so you see the the issues there? we where lied to, tricked, backstabbed, and even worse. BAMBOOZLED.

halo infinite is the new halo title. cod MWII is their new title. So therefore both games are going to be not only neck and neck to see who will push out more/quality content over the other. MWII IS A BETA and has still pushed out more content than a game that was under development for years and has still lacked so much content in the year and a half it’s been out.

Let that sink in. A beta is beating a released game that’s been out for 1 & 1/2 years.

I do hope halo gets back on track as it’s a game I grew up with since I was six. But it will be a looong and ugly road to get there.


Because if MW2 is good people are going to play that more often. I barely play HI as it is, but with MW2 I probably wont log into HI for a long time if ever.

There’s just no excuse for this crap. This was once Microsofts largest franchise and 343 has completely wrecked it.

That is not how we are comparing them though. It is in terms of content and delivery.

MW 2 is looking to launch with a Gamemode that’s basically BAttlefeild conquest, a good campaign storyline, CO Op PVE, Split Screen Co Op. All the Original playlist modes and some new ones, report players in game feature, seperate progression system, an amazing Customization set up for weapons. Day 1.

Than we get Warzone 2.0 and DMZ not long after that.

Players aren’t looking for that Halo Itch, they are looking for that Content Itch.

343 is still struggling to get traction and figure out life. Meanwhile other devs are seeing the opportunity at hand. And if it catches my interest with better content I’ll play MW 2 over Halo Infinite.

Winter update won’t do much for me.

No file share for forge so Nope
No matchmaking for Co op campaign, so I have to go hunting for teamates or beg friends to play. So Nope.

30 their battle pass is just held back content. I’ll finsih that slowly here and there. So no rush. Or I can just spend the money to save me the time and effort of dealing with it.

Overall Halo Infinite is going to struggle to hold people’s interest when other options of content are available. And no developer is going to slow down to let 344 get up to speed. That’s business either you struggle and grow or you struggle and die.

Probably never. Infinite is crippled and beyond saving.
It will become faster and more consistent when they abandon Infinite and that alleged 10-year plan, and pivot to “Halo 7” with a completely different engine and dev tools and without reliance on foreign contractors

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Probably when Season 3 drops but that’s just wishful thinking on my part

Infinty Ward is better than Treyarch just saying, If they ever make a ODST Mutliplayer I’d rather IW make it

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For the millionth -Yoink!- time

  1. 343 is currently understaffed, and working under no crunch at all

  2. Microsoft instilled a hiring freeze at the moment.

  3. The majority of people responsible for Infinite’s abysmal launch have all left or been fired. Microsoft took notice with the literally thousands of hashtags and the roadmap that broke the camels back.

  4. MW2 has around 8 to 11 studios working on it, all fully staffed. 343 has maybe 250 workers at best, and 100 of those are from Certain Affinity working on the Battle Royale mode.

It has literally been 3 weeks since Bonnie Ross was fired, and the vast, vast amount of people that didn’t “get” Halo are gone now. But here I see most of you acting like it’s still the same people when that is just blatantly untrue. I shouldn’t have to hold anyone’s hand. Keep up with the news and you might understand that everything you guys complain about are being worked on and looked into.

Reality has struck hard. This is what game development looks like when working conditions are ideal and there’s just not enough manpower to get it DONE NOW NOW NOW like you seem to want.

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Also the CoD devs have proven that AAA devs can produce consistent updates for their games, with a new update every 3ish months. 343i has struggled hard with this.


Bonnie wasnt fired, family issues made her quit unfortunately.
:point_right:peace :point_left:

She wanted to stay until the winter update. Said as much in her letter. But the family emergency sped it up. Microsoft told her to polite, yet firmly to leave.

I shouldn’t have to hold your hand with basic reading comprehension.