When is 343 going to fix the random kicks???

I’m should be working in my arena rank right since this season has just begun but a lass i can not because I get randomly kicked from about 90% of matches for no reason no error message some times I get your fire team left when I’m not even in a fire team it is so infuriating and makes me not want to play halo which sucks halo has been my favorite game since I was old enough to play games so come on 343 and fix this but I probably won’t even hear from you as I have read many post like this one and you say nothing and im really hoping this isn’t everyone already bought our game why fix it deals

Quick questionnnn after you get kicked do you ever dashboard and notice you were kicked off from live too?

Do you have issues with other games? Where do you live? I have probably been kicked from 2 games since release, so I’m not sure what’s going on with your connection to the server.

Ps, Instead of using three punctuation marks in your topic, please try using at least one in your actual comment. It makes it much easier to understand for both native and non native readers.