When Halo 5 feels like a more fun and complete Halo experience then Halo Infinite

Imo, you can put literally any mechanic you can think of in the game and it will still be Halo as long as it’s a map pickup that teams have to fight for.

Like armor lock is my least favorite mechanic of all time, but if it had been a 1-use equipment map pickup, it probably could have ended up being cool.

That’s just my opinion though. As long as there are equal starts, Halo style shield/health mechanics, and map pickups, I’m super flexible about what can go into the game :grin:

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I still hate Req packs for armor, but not anywhere near as much as I hate Infinite’s shop. Something I only recently realized is that there are 2, maybe 3 cosmetic req packs total in Halo 5 you HAVE to spend money on out of 247 armor sets, that’s not a bad trade off.

Infinite, you’ll spend more money in 2 weeks on the shop than you would paying for H5 at full price, it’s ridiculous. Everything is paywalled in Infinite aside from a few VERY minor events.


More or less.

The price gate is the biggest difference.

I personally prefer the Infinite approach than the Halo 5 approach if I’m gonna get stiffed on content anyway. At least I don’t have much stock to lose :man_shrugging:

You could say the same for every other Halo.

So will infinite for a long time

And Infinite lacks coop completely. I can still play H5 with friends, I can’t in Infinite.


This guy is clueless. Halo 5 MP is the best it’s ever been and the campaign would’ve been respected more had they released story DLC

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H5 still launched with more content and systems then HI, and by this time already had one or two content updates. Hell, im pretty sure forge was one of the first content updates.


Halo 5 lacks split screen. I can still play Halo Infinite with my kids and visiting-friends (my kids can also play with their friends) without buying another system and TV.

Not campaign you can’t

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I know, can’t really split-screen anything in Halo 5.

Piece for piece, I think it’s a tie if we’re being honest.

This is true

Which was missing from a $60 launch as opposed to a mostly free launch.

Yep, and other than MP, you literally can’t do anything else in Infinite regardless of the number of tvs and xboxes you have.

Point goes to Halo 5!

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Infinite is a $60 game same as Halo 5, so I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make.

Maybe 343 will release it for free, but I highly doubt you’re getting access to forge when it releases without the $60 version or gamepass

Infinite has an optional $60 campaign tied to a free to play multiplayer.

5 was $60 for everything.

They are not the same.

There’s reason to believe it will be free, there’s reason to believe it won’t be free.

We’ll see after season 2.

Haha, there is EVERY reason to think you’ll have to pay for it. Have you seen the way they have monetized this game?

And you’re going to have to wait until season 3 because that’s when Staten said it’s supposedly coming.

Co-op Campaign for season 2
Forge for season 3

Not holding my breath for either of those those things to come through on schedule.

Considering Infinite launched for free or ~$0.03 a month for the campaign with game pass ($15 month/447 games on gamepass).This is a tie…for now.
When co-op campaign is out Infinite is going to take this point.
People out here really thinking they got a better deal on a $60-$300 (limited ed, collector ed) incomplete game (gamepass was not out yet) than a free incomplete game.

But for me Infinite isn’t free. I could give a rip about MP, I’m here for the campaign exclusively. I played just enough MP to get some of the achievements and I’m done with it

So yeah, I’ll take the incomplete $60 game with campaign co-op, and and separate PvE mode and more customization options, and a way to earn credits toward more customizations, than the incomplete $60 game that is as hollow as it gets and offers, quite literally nothing else.

Point still goes to 5

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If we’re going purely off monetization of multiplayer, there’s not much precedent to assume that Forge will be price gated as Forge is heavily tied to the multiplayer component. The only monetization in multiplayer presently is cosmetic only and gameplay is entirely free.

As Forge is tied to Season 3, it’s rational to assume that it’ll be a the set piece of content that will be accessible to the playerbase for free just as Season 1’s set piece content was the multiplayer and theater suite.

However, descriptions of the retail copy of Halo Infinite describe Forge as a piece of content, so it could imply that it’s tied in with the purchase of the Campaign. However it describes it next to the multiplayer component as well, so it’s really anyone’s guess at this point, and only a guess at that.

Either way, I’m not calling it for either case.

That’s fine

Okie dokie

That’s a super long explanation to say you don’t know…and neither do I. I also don’t care.

My point is that I personally think Halo 5 was a much better value at its launch than Infinite. If you’re a big MP fan then you probably disagree, and I can see that. But from my perspective, they are both $60 games, one just came with more.

Point goes to 5

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