When Halo 5 feels like a more fun and complete Halo experience then Halo Infinite

I’ve been doing my annual Halo marathon and I’m about finished with Halo 5. And I have to say. Even though the story execution is bad. The game itself is really fun. It feels like a completely experience. It has vehicle sections, slow and methodical section. Yes the warden boss fights are redundant. But they are better then the cardboard cutouts that we got with Halo infinite. At least the warden get established before you fight him. So many bosses in HI are just dumb. The issue with the warden is that he’s the same fight every time. But HI all the bosses just aren’t established enough before we fight them to actually make me care about fighting them.

Halo 5 has a better weapon sandbox to. And each weapon I’m H5 feels useful. While we all know almost half of the weapons in HI are just not fun to use, or just completely useless. I’m looking at you plasma pistol, at least in other halos you could emp.

It just makes me sad, I love Halo and to see the state of Halo infinite is in. Especially after 6 years of development. And this is what we got. It honestly feels like Star wars. Og bungie Halo is the original trilogy. Halo 4 and 5 are the prequels, which people are finding a new appreciation in because of how disappointing Halo infinite, the sequel trilogy, is.

At least that’s how I see it. To be fair I have never hated any Halo game. And while I am disappointed with Halo infinite. I dont hate it, and do like a lot of stuff with it. But honestly for me. It’s my least favorite to play at this point in time. Not because of the gameplay mind you, but because of everything else that falls short of all other titles before it.

Please don’t take this as me bashing 343. I’m just frustrated, and I know it’s not every developers fault. I just hope it dosnt take so long to fix Halo Infinite as it did to fix MCC.


I’ll be honest, Halo 5 is no way better then Infinite in my opinion. Yes the game is “complete” experience but the over all gameplay is just too far removed from what a Halo game should be. This is all my personal opinion however.


And halo infinite isnt? Grapples? Repulsor? Sprint still in? If anything Halo infinite is an extreme departure from classic Halo.


People here refuse to see that Halo 5 is a better game because “muhhh thruster pack”. It was better in every way and yes the campaign was mechanically fun. It was just the story execution that was bad.


I understand that Halo 5 es the FF Tokio drift of the halo games. but to be honest it feels the same, H5 was released with a poor content, a year after yeah, it was way better and complete.
I like more H5 than HI so far

I just really really hate practically everything about Halo 5, it’s the least fun halo to me. Like, I’d rather suffer through Reach multiplayer than 5 multiplayer any day.


Personally, the linear, scripted missions were some of the best they’ve ever been in a long time. But for me, the open world fell flat on it’s face. The overall experience felt disconnected, disjointed.

In the middle of the game (open-world section), the story completely came to an halt for me and nothing happened for like 20 hours because of the collectibles…

H5 lacks split screen multiplayer and AI bots.

I’m referring specifically for the campaign. HI dosnt have splitscreen either for Campaign

I’m fine with sprint. It doesn’t really matter to me much as it’s not really that game changing in this Halo. Equipment is meh. This game is closer to older Halos then Halo 4 and 5. It’s feel more like Reach in someways.

That said I’d still like Halo to go back to Halo: CE-3 style though. I just like that gameplay more. Though as I said I don’t mind a nerfed sprint that much.


It actually does. You can glitch into it and play splitscreen coop however there are many many issues

I liked the addition of the thruster pack (charge move) in 5, as well the ground pound. I’ve played maybe only half of the mainline Halo games, so don’t really know what people define as the “true” Halo experience. :rofl:

I find it quite embarrassing to see Halo 5 have its appearance lifted by Halo Infinite’s condition. I haven’t liked that game since 2017, but in its end-of-life state? It’s leaps and bounds ahead of Halo Infinite.


When it comes to creativity designing content, just saying, that is 100% on the developer. I’m not saying you’re doing this OP, but for anyone to think 343 is innocent would be lying to themselves.

Microsoft may have control over the shop and how some other things play out. But they do not have full creative control.

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I found the Halo 5 campaign to be the worst in the series. Also, most people when Halo 5 came out didnt like the MP compared to previous iterations, its fine. Infinite is better IMHO.

I’ll disagree on that one big shooter. Yeah the story was dog water but like every halo game the MP is solid the only thing I actually hated about MP was REQ packs for armor.

It feels more complete because it was a complete game when it wrapped up and stopped being supported.

It was widely panned for being a $60 title that didn’t have forge, an uninspired campaign, and having very few gamemodes at launch.


Hey, that sounds familiar…


Ya 343 is pretty good at that pattern. Don’t understand why Microsoft continues to allow 343 to work on Halo. Either the studio needs a full on reset or they need to give Halo to a more competent studio.

I agree with the OP, I’ve stopped playing Infinite MP now as it’s just not fun to play. I find H5 MP much more exciting and fun to play. The odd thing is I enjoyed the infinite campaign but find mp very different. And on a personal note, being colour vision deficient I find it much harder to distinguish the enemy with the new coloured outline no matter what colour I make it. I don’t have that problem with H5.