When does the xp cap get reset?

Without going into the anger I have with hitting an xp limit in just 4 hours, when does it reset? I was told it resets midnight in my specific time zone. It’s past 1:30 AM and nothing has changed. I wasted 3 double xp tokens because I couldn’t figure out why I was being brought back to the lobby and totally skipping the post game xp screen. Obviously I never hit the limit before so I didn’t know the signs.

So yeah, when can I play the game again and will I be refunded the 3 tokens? I was just starting to enjoy this game for the first time in awhile too. Why on earth would you limit my ability to rank up in this game? Now there is ZERO point in playing until I can earn xp again. Nobody else does this, I’m almost at prestige 3 for Black Ops 2 and guess what they have no xp limit. Now I’m forced to play their game instead of yours. And everyone wonders why the player base has shriveled.