When does the new season start?

Just wondering when the new season will start? I thought it was supposed to start every month but its october 3rd and it’s still hasnt.

If you’re talking about Galavant, it sadly will not be receiving a 3rd season on ABC :frowning:

If you’re talking about Halo 5’s ranking seasons, I have no idea. It seems sporadic and a little poorly communicated at this point tbh.

This one will run until the end of october, they said it in the community update i think?

Ranks are suppose to reset end of October

November will start the winter season. Bravo stated it in a tweet the other day.

Seems to be an official information vacuum these days. To confirm:

> Fall season will run through October, and I am told Winter will kick off in November! @Brav

What’s up with that? It’s not hard to make a quick post telling us when the winter season starts exactly.

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