When do you think we will see another halo 4 trailer ?

The title says it all :slight_smile:

Not for a while. I would probably estimate one near the end of this year or the beginning of the next.

Probably sometime in September? Tis a good question though sir.

Next E3.

December of this year.

halofest, which is in august.

At HaloFest or when Anniversary is out.

I’d say around Halofest (Aug 26-28), at least for some ViDocs and the like. Failing that, early 2012.

Possibilities are

at halo fest

with the release of halo cea

at e3

I can’t imagine waiting until next year, and they have a whole panel on Halo 4 at Halo Fest… So my guess is august.

at Penny Arcade Expo in August

Halofest will definitely be the da place to be this fall for halo.

On the Gamescom in Germany ! :smiley: … last year there was shown a new Halo Reach trailer

End of 2011, at the VGAs.

yeah VGA’s or TGS this fall but it will still be theatrical not gameplay

August 26th

PAX or halofest

or my personal favorite

when 343i is ready

How about Comicon in July…

Front Page of the website under Halo news

i doubt a new trailer st halo fest will show. more likely, early looks at the enemies we will be fighting

July 22nd…maybe…its Comic Con apparently.

A new trailer? Probably the end of this year or the beginning of next.
But info and screenshots are a different story.

I’m hoping to see the first screenshots from Halo 4 at this “Halofest” thinger.