When do you think the next campaign will release?

  • 2023
  • 2024
  • 2025

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That would be hilarious if they decided to ditch the 10 years support because of the UI limitations / poor reception and just decide to make another game. I’m calling it.


i don’t think we will get a new campaign before 2027. but not bc i buy into the 10 year marketing lie. i don’t think the game will be really “life-service-like” supported for 5 more years, bc of the drop of in interesst.
i think that halo will have a reboot of some sorts (again) with a break before, bc of the bad state the franchise is at the moment, and to no small part bc of the MT centered infinite.


I think 2024 and that’s me being optimistic. It’s really bad that they put out that campaign as an intro chapter without the ability to “quickly” follow up on that story. Most people will probably forget about the Endless three years time.

Which assumes they are still doing campaign DLC and haven’t decided to do a new Halo game instead.

Few reasons:

  1. If it’s taken them several years to get Co-Op working how would they be able to do a Destiny style Campaign DLC? Arguably they haven’t finished the original Campaign.

  2. Team is too busy putting out other fires to do content. If the internal issues are that significant then they aren’t going to be putting out content.

  3. They seem to have had massive internal development issues with the open world. This probably means going back to drawing board and not just rushing into next chapter. I saw a vid which seemed to suggest the engine basically just can’t handle a true open world and is why the game fell far short of their plans.

  4. Not all the campaign feedback, especially on the Open World, was entirely positive. This could mean there’s a push to change direction as in point 3.

  5. With these things I’d have expected a 2023 trailer in June this year. Nothing to show means they aren’t even prepared to put a concept trailer out.

  6. To be blunt, I’d expect a DLC to be about what we got in the main campaign. Think about what you get in an Assassins Creed expansion. So if it took them six years to do that…


I’m trying to be optimistic, but unfortunately everything that is happening with Infinite screams Anthem 2.0 to me.
Perhaps i’m wrong and we got at least a short DLC in 2024. Kinda Spartan OPS but not multiplayer.
My prediction: 2024/2023 - Two/three DLCs, early 2025 Same situation with MCC, no big updates coming anymore, 2026 Halo “7” Coming soon™.


Right there with you, I would not be surprised one bit if they did. I wanted what they’d call it??? Halo 5 -remastered- with new sandbox content, better texture, and a bunch of other stuff??? Well. I wouldn’t be apposed to that, I loved halo 5s forge and pvp.

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Well hopefully they don’t release it by the time I hit my 30s

Well that’s why it’s so shocking with Halo Infinite.

Ultimately it’s just Halo 5 with tweaked art and combat.

So, why would everything from Halo 5 with Co-Op, Forge and Custom Browser/Theatre break? If I want to play on Forge maps I can do that right now so why should I be excited for that being brought in…almost a year after launch.

Battlefield 2042 at least has the excuse that it’s a huge player count game with all the equipment, vehicles etc. Whereas Halo Infinite is a 4 player Arena shooter….

I hope whenever they release it, that it will be better than what we got after waiting 6 years, Halo: Retcon.
Was I mistaken when I assumed we would be getting campaign expansions in this game? I’m starting to feel like they only meant MP and the Campaign wasn’t 100% surefire.

SeanW said he had info that it won’t be out until sometime after 2024 for campaign DLC. So some time in 2025 or 4 years after games launch. :grimacing:

The optimist in me thinks that the co-op and level select implementation are currently delaying a lo of campaign development. SInce they both need to fix the current campaign for it to design the new campaign to make those easier to add to it going forward.

The pessimist in me is pretty sure we’re doing another multi-year wait all for 343 to soft-reboot their story again and shuffle anything infinite built up under the buss.

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They’ll bolt-on more MP “STORY” before they get anywhere near adding on to Infinites campaign.

That said id still like to see it(campaign additions) happen


I am not sold yet.

They did a canon fodder article where they mention that the state of the universe is meant to be a mystery.

No it isn’t. The characters haven’t asked that question or shown any real interest in it. They’re in this vague situation of hiding from something. They say they’re going to look for Zeta Halo and Chief. Forgot about that. Then it’s about these two Spartans and decoding an archive. Random Banished AI shows up.

It’s not like they’re saying “Galaxies gone dark. We need to know what’s going on out there.”. You know to clue us in that we are meant to be asking these questions like “what’s up with UNSC” “how’s Earth”.

So if a twist does come like, the Bansihed are occupying Earth, there’s Created Remnant, the Endless are loose; it’s just going to come out of nowhere.

So far it just hasn’t provided any real narrative hook.

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It will release with Halo 7.

So, what you’re saying is they’re ditching infinite completely??

I’m hoping for 2023 but my guess is 2024, maybe later in that year. They need to do something because I think Halo Infinite’s campaign had terrible story telling. (The multiplayer narratives aren’t any better, just a cutscene explaining why several more challenges will be tossed into the hat of other random challenges)

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Most likely 2025-2026. but Hey just wait until co-op lands and you can team up with your friends and blast through the campaign … and we are doing what? The next release will be the typical 4-5 years that’s the way it has always been,
Halo Infinite is a linear game with a fake wanna-be open world. Maybe they can pull their boots up and buckle down to pull out a win, who knows, but they sure are keeping everyone in the dark. And so I should keep paying for the game pass … why?? I have already paid for this game many times over.

They can’t even add co op, its delusional to think they will even add campaign DLC

If it’s the quality of the main campaign, I honestly doesn’t need it, no matter when.

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February 4th, 2026.

Five years . . . five long years.
That’s how long it took for us to get Chief back.