When do you think the Infinity will come?

Title says it all, when do you think the Infinity will come into the plot, and who do you think will be on it besides the Spartan IV’s? Some people Master Chief knows? And speaking of the Infinity what’s that Forerunner artifact they have on the ship? Let me know what you think.

Thats what she said.

Mid way through the game or near the end of Halo 4.

I’d say towards the end of the story, maybe with a couple missions left.

Í’d say somewhere in the 2nd half of the game.

When chief needs it most. I’m still hoping for an epic cutscene where the chief is getting swarmed by enemies and Cortana left hours ago to go find help. Then out of nowhere an entire UNSC fleet arrives, being directed by Cortana to go save chief’s -Yoink-.

if you stroke the Infinity very hard it will…wait what?

Frankie said “relatively early” or something similar.

Early on in the game if it’s going to get the ball rollin with the whole new war. And for the reason that 343i wouldn’t let us roam half of the campaign as Master Chief without UNSC weapons. I mean, not going back and forth from the Dawn at least.

Well this is what I want. Infinity comes in at the end of the campaign revieves Cortanna’s signal for help and asks…

“This is the UNSC Infinity identifie yourself!”

Chief Responds as camera slowly zooms in on his face…

“This is the Master Chief… and I need a weapon!”

It will probably be earlier on.

I think it will be about midway through the game.

once they get a signal from the beacon Cortana Dropped back in Halo 3

half way through the game i think