When do you think Rejoin for ranked will be a feature in Halo Infinite?

when do you think Rejoin for ranked will be a feature in Halo Infinite? I mean, it’s 2022…

Never. They’re never going to make it a thing. We’re supposed to suffer with disconnects and matches that literally start without players forever.


Well seeing as how people have been asking 343 for this since the start of Halo 5 and it still isn’t here, I wouldn’t get your hopes up anytime soon.

Sad really as it should just be a standard thing.

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Never, because it doesnt make sense. If you got kicked out, got disconnected or whatever happened. 3 vs 4 still works in slayer but not in any objective match.
The time it take reconnect will be too long. A lost cause.

If you have an ssd, it’s literally 30 seconds or less. Besides, I’m pretty sure pc players would want ranked rejoin considering the crashing frequency, I know multiple people who dropped infinite purely because they lose all their csr on a crash that they gain from their last 2-3 games and then get match making ban in ranked even though the trash game runs like trash even on good hardware that’s above recommendation specs.

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You are right, with a good SSD it will take also less than 30 seconds to be ready to reconnect. But how much time does the match reconnect process need? If this would take another 10 - 30 seconds? Im playing on xbox Series X. Im also suffering from beiing disconnected from ranked. Sure not as much as a PC Player.

I’d like to find out how fast in can reconnect, but we need that rejoin to begin with. I know people can sometimes rejoin in social if they are quick enough

Re-join is a must.

In the mean time make the game 3v3 to keep it a bit more even. The extra player on the 4 team can be rotated off the bench with each kill.

If they do keep going at 4v3 (which is pointless for both sides) then at least take power weapons and equipment off the map.

Anything to keep to match more interesting - and keep the result relevant for ranking. There is nothing worse than playing in a dead rubber (on either side).

If the player doesn’t rejoin then either continue as 3v3 (with the rotating player) or recalculate the target score on the basis of who is left. It could either be a lower score to win for the 3 team (eg. 42 instead of 50) or have the timer tick faster for the 3 team if they are holding the odd ball etc.

The only one that would be super hard to handicap for 4v3 would be CTF. That really does need to be the same numbers on the field.

During my ranked duos placement, my PC crashed and I placed silver 2 after 10 games. My buddy placed gold 2 with a similar k/d and wins. Crazy how much a disconnect ruins your rank.

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Well seeing is how people have been asking for this since… Holy crap I don’t know for how long Halo 2,3… And more recently with 343 a crap ton of people were asking for it in Halo 5 and it never happened …My guess would be you’re probably going to be waiting a long time. I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

As much as I love Halo and have been a fan since the first month of his existence I think I have finally reached a point of I just can’t care anymore or defend things anymore as you just never see progress and practically almost everything.

In my opinion it’s really sad to see what the halo franchise has become.