When do you think Halo 5 will be announced?

Howdy! I understand Halo 5 and Halo 6 was already announced but I mean when do you think we will get are first Halo 5 Teaser Trailer like we did for Halo 4 during E3 2011?

I do not think 343 want to rush the Reclaimer trilogy so I would not expect it to be announced this year but I do expect something Halo related at E3 in a few days but that is another story.

Anyway… back to the question, <mark>when do you think Halo 5 will be announced?</mark> ^.^

E3 2014!

Same here for me, I expect a late 2015 release for the actual game.

WolfBlade took the words outta my mouth any sooner and i will get concerned

I don’t think H5 will be out till Holliday 2015 at the earliest so we might get a teaser this year to just acknowledge they are making it. We probably won’t get a real trailer though till next year.

Yeah e3 2014 sounds reasonable!

By then i should have GUNGNIR :smiley:

Maybe it will be announced at e3 2014, and I hope it’s either released in September or November of 2015.

We will most likely get a Halo 5 CG trailer at this e3.

E3 2014

This e3 at the earliest but most likely 2014, Microsoft has many new exclusives so I don’t think they’ll rush this game.

If at any point this year, it’ll be at E3 next week, but that’s unlikely so next year.

Hopefully E3 in 2014. Anything sooner would probably be bad.