When do you think campaigns will release?

We just got the launch campaign for Infinite, and it was great. Infinite has been described as a platform for the next 10 years of Halo. This likely means future campaigns will release in the coming years on Infinite. What’d you think the release format for future campaigns will be? You suspect it’ll be something akin to Destiny, where they’re smaller 4-5 hour expansions that release yearly, or more full fledged feature campaigns that release every 2 years or so? I’d prefer the latter, as I’d rather wait longer for a more full-feature campaign like in the past rather than something annually that’s only a few hours long. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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No idea, but I am open to any time frame as long as the content is entertaining (subjective of course). I think 2 releases a year would be the best bet, but 1 a year for something really special would be perfect as well.

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I expect 1 major DLC yearly (something substantial) and minor ones (like them adding a weapon or something) spread throughout.

Because of how the game is designed, I just think that them adding new regions/bosses/content in general is relatively easy and straightforward.

Edit: minor content drops would likely not cost anything, but major ones might.