When do you get to participate?

I just signed up, however i am unaware of what to do next, when do I participate in the program? Do you have to download something?

Testing has not started yet and probably won’t start until mid April maybe, no one knows for sure. When testing does start you’ll be sent an email with further instructions if you’re picked for the first round of testing.

Xbox flighting should begin in the coming weeks, followed by pc flighting. I suppose that we will have more news at E3 if the game doesn’t fully release by then.

Would estimate about mid-April for Xbox flighting but nothing is confirmed

it would of been a good day if it turned out if Microsoft released a halo 3 beta multiplayer for PC just of know where, which is what the halo insider program seemed like it was exactly that, half the original halo ce players are dead, drastic measures now, if it aint pc it aint big no more

Also, keep in mind that you probably won’t get picked for the first flightings, they’ll just start with smaller teams.

Just wait till you hear something, I’m sure you will get an email if you are selected

From the Halo Insider FAQ:

> I opted into Halo Insider and flighting… now what?
> If your profile is complete and all required fields and information is there, you’re all set! Now just stand by. As the team starts building out flighting plans, they’ll pull from the Halo Insider database and assemble a pool of participants. Everyone who is selected for a flight will receive an email with additional instructions and we’ll generally keep some information updated here in the Halo Insider forum as well. Please be patient – if you don’t get into a flight, don’t give up, this is a long journey with numerous opportunities ahead.

I had the same question, Im a little afraid to not be selected because Im very excited with the MCC on pc but hopefully we’ll test something to give feedback.