When Did They Up the Quit Ban Timer?

I was in a game and it was just a spawn kill/grenade spam fest so I left my game to save myself a headache as we were getting curb stomped. I don’t usually leave matches unless they are really bad or something in real life pops up, but when did they up the quit ban for leaving one game to 5 minutes? This was the only game I left today and unless I’m missing something, didn’t the timer only make you wait 1 minute for leaving one game and then 5 minutes for the second?

This was changed a few months back to try to combat quitting. The ban ladder resets after 24 hours from your last quit. A second quit is a 15 minute ban.

It sucks and there’s cases where my game crashes and I get slapped with a ban. The best advise I can give is to only quit when you absolutely need to. Also if half your team quits you have a free quit. There’s no quit bans in FFA or infection but they apply to all other playlists.

I had no idea that they changed this recently, I only rarely quit but since season 8 was released if I’m playing Reach the game will randomly crash. Turning off the new useless graphics helps lessen the frequency so I suggest going into Settings and doing the same. It still happens on occasion but here lately no temp ban is incurred.

ill have to check for this graphics toggle. im sitting here on a ban because reach crashed. 2nd time it’s happened when I’m the kill leader and on the way to victory. this ban s@#$ is stupid as f%$#!

I agree with you here. Disabling the skins etc does help with crashing. I have had crashes with them disabled still though. But i did notice it happened less frequently with them off.

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It does help but even still I managed to work my way up to a 15 minute ban tonight because of these crashes. Happened three times. Seems like we get one freebie then the bans start. I’m not sure if it boots everyone in the entire game but it definitely affects more players than just me. It would be great if 343 would permanently disable all of the useless armor and skins so we could enjoy the game without being punished for no reason

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just got a 20min ban off a crash. getting rid of the skin.

They increased it because too many people quit already, disable the new skins to avoid crashes