When CEA comes out.... what will you do first?

I cant make up my mind its redonkulous. Its either:

Play campaign co op with my xbox friend (even though i want to play it by myself to take on that single player experiance.

Play normally

Play but stand around each level for an hour to search for hidden treasure (skulls Terminals, easter eggs

take a peek at the new maps

Put in the codes for my avatar prop and skull

Have a tea party

Achievements! forgot that one… the only one im missing from any of the games is running the show.

Probably First mission of campaign, then some multiplayer, then a mission or two, and continue in that order

co-op campaign most likely, go for all achievements, get all skulls and terminals legitly, unless theres one like the IWHBYD skull

Start the fight as my brother and I land on Halo via Campaign Co-Op (split screen). The fun/extra stuff will come naturally as we play.

Play with the new graphics and drool at the beauty.

take the week off work & tell my wife and kids to go on a holiday lol.

just kidding! (in case my wife reads this)

Play the campaign and hit that back button so many times I might just break it.

Hopefully I’ll be turning on my 70’’ 3-D TV first. Then playing on that bad boy!

I’m gonna do what I’ve ritually done with all the Halo’s:

  1. Complete the campaign on normal difficulty
  2. Get multiplayer fill
  3. Complete campaign again on Legendary
  4. Gain achievements and search for goodies in between matchmaking

The main part is, I’ve never gone into matchmaking before I complete the campaign on normal first!

Put In codes, play one mm game, play full campaign.

Me and my mates have a lan-party planned! Pizza, Beer, and Halo!

A few missions…then try forging on the new maps…after that…Headlong.

I don’t know…

Campaign Solo, Online for a while to see what its like, Get all of the achievments i.e co-op,online etc…, then Destroy everyone online untill Halo 4 comes out.

> I don’t know…

“When you first saw Halo CE:A, were you blinded by it’s majesty? Paralyzed? Dumbstruck?”

10+ who remembers this.

Appear offline, fire up Legendary Campaign and don’t stop until I beat it and find all Terminals, then I’ll get some sleep and then play on all of the new maps (especially Installation 04). Probably followed by some more campaign.

I will go on Campaign and play as much as I can before I get stuck on something, which will likely be on 343 Guilty Spark. After that Forge a bit, go on Matchmaking for a bit, go on Firefight for a bit, look at some clips in Theater Mode for a bit, then go back and beat the Campaign.

That is exactly what I did for Halo Reach. And after that, play it and some of my other games while waiting for Halo 4.

Play it!

Press select.

Then press it again. Then I’m going to play in graphical glory, then I will find skulls. If they have them.

> > I don’t know…
> “When you first saw Halo CE:A, were you blinded by it’s majesty? Paralyzed? Dumbstruck?”
> 10+ who remembers this.

Anyone who does not recognize this quote is not welcome…