When can I say Goodbye Bungie 100%

And shoot my airhorn???

YouTube - Mega64: GOODBYE BUNGIE!!!

“U screwed me over fo the last time "
" 3 strikes ur out "
" u dont even have a job anymore” LOLLLLL!!!

I see that you are a cabela fan.


Wait, there are hunting games for the xbox? How redneck does America actually get?!

Omg too funny… They even stole Cabella Wars…

<-- stops to think about that

Cabellas this place hunter~!!!

The best part for me was Jerome with the hammer :wink:

Angel do u know? I bought some Airhorns and overalls!

Going a little off topic here; I will never say goodbye to Bungie.

Please do not turn this into a stereotype thread, the forums at waypoint have been very clean, so lets keep it cancer free.

> the forums at waypoint have been very clean, so lets keep it cancer free.

Lets hope it stays that way even after the flood of people join when a new Halo is released.

Anyone know???

Never :stuck_out_tongue: You know you love bungie hahahha

Bye Bungie, you used to be good devs but you fell for greed and short term profit. Never again will I buy one of your games until you put “fun and gameplay” as focus, instead of “money, money and money”.
Greed ain’t good :stuck_out_tongue:

Seeing as Halo is their brainchild, and many former Bungie employees now work at 343i, I don’t think you’ll ever be able to fully say goodbye to Bungie. They will be like the Illuminauti, secretly crafting the world as they see fit without anyone ever suspecting a thing.

But seriously I’m sure future games with have some Bungie feel to it.

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