When are you going dark?

Simply Question when you going dark?

Going Dark
Slang term in the intelligence world which means you go silent. You don’t speak or communicate with anyone for a given period on time. It is a way of protecting yourself from someone who would do you harm.
The clan is on to me, I’ going dark.

It’s a Good Day to Go Dark

Does anyone get this reference?

I am not

Someone’s gotta hold down the fort so…never.

I don’t think I can :frowning:

I usually consume it all. It doesn’t really spoil anything … well, leaks do sometimes, but I don’t go looking for those. I just like to keep up with the official tidbits and glimpses. I also enjoy seeing how the game changes throughout the process. From the beta to the Warzone footage, and from the E3 demo to the Sangheilios gameplay today … just seeing how far it’s come along in terms of fidelity, detail, textures … because I gotta say, it looks a hell of a lot better than it did at E3. Watch that footage again (if you’re not dark yet) and look at the close up textures on the rocks and plants and water. It’s really something.

I did the same with H2A. Seeing the early Delta Halo and Cairo stuff was neat because you gotta see the rough Elite models in the wrong armor, the Hunters with the incorrect blue plasma shooting from their cannons … it’s just neat to see the different stages.

Of course, I’ve played Halo 2 A LOT, so there weren’t any spoiler risks there. lol

And the thing is, even though I saw this stuff today, getting to play it is a completely different experience. So I don’t think anything’s really been spoiled. Especially no story elements. We already knew this event was taking place.


Most likely when there is only two weeks left till release.

Not until Forge is revealed.

I like to experience the games developments over the course of its… development. So no darkness for me

I will go pitch black then rapidly hurl into a burning star of light


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> It’s a Good Day to Go Dark
> Does anyone get this reference?

I see what you did there!!

thats me 24/7
i wish i could speak to girls

Not gonna, I’ll do my best to avoid suspicious links and articles.

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> thats me 24/7
> i wish i could speak to girls
> :frowning:

Same way you talk to anyone else. Girls are people.

Probably going dark when there is a month to go.

I think the day that they announce that the games gold.

Never. Temptation gets me every time.

> 2533274920097472;8:
> Not until Forge is revealed.