When are more cross core items comming?

Where did cross core colors and armor go on the road map?


To be honest this is the mystery question we’re all waiting for 343 to answer, as we’re all waiting for more Cross Core customization, I’d really like to use my Peppermint Laughter coating on all my armor cores.


While some items don’t seem too difficult to implement. Waist accessories, wrist accessories, ect. I really hope cross core colors are next.


agreed, i want my black and blue and gold coating on my mk.v(b) and also the cqb on my mk vII


I was expecting 343 to go for some quick wins when it comes to cross core: helmets, shoulder pieces, gloves and kneeguards. The silence is deafening once again.


I’d love to be able to use my Yokai helmet on other cores, but as far as anyone is aware fractures stuff isn’t going to be made cross-core ever.


Don’t think it’s been set as any dates, think it was more when each parts are completed they will come, I’m sure it’s gonna take time

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Honestly, I hope never. Imagine how generic armors will look like when we’ll have 20 armor cores and 1000s of cosmetics. At least with armor cores one is bound to select cosmetics from a pool of stuff that has a common theme (excluding the meme cosmetics like armor effects and whatnot). It’s cool to see a mark V with all mark V pieces, or the japanese armor with all japanese pieces.

A better idea would be to “adapt” the cosmetics to each core, like they did for the ODST helmet for mark VII.

I’m pretty sure they said or suggested that Cross-Core armor pieces would largely be restricted to the canon armor cores (Mark VII, Mark V [B], Rakshasa, etc).

What your saying would still apply for the Fracture cores with a clear, unique theme (Yoroi, etc) which I think is fine, but I think canon armor cores should be as cross-core as possible.


I’d really like my cat ears to work on my Reach kit. Not really sure why it doesn’t. It’s a little sad.


Not really, it would also apply to the canon cores, only in a more subtle way. For example Reach has the Mk VI helmet prototype which is different from the Mk VI helmet on the Mk VI armor in Halo 3. That’s the kind of “adaptation” I’m talking about.

Also consider the fact Mk V(b) already has cross core with the Mk VI that will be coming sometime in the future, since it already has helmets like CQB and recon… just the in a Mk V style.

And that’s just considering an extreme case, Rakshasa and the coming SPI armor have absolutely nothing to do with the Mark V and VII. Despite the fact all are canon their style and lore are completely different between each other and mixing them up would look downright dumb.

So even among canon armors, simple cross core shouldn’t be a thing, I’d much rather have armor adaptations, prototypes and such. I’m already bummed by the fact they allowed visor cross core, since each core has it’s own common visor theme which is wasted with cross core.

Ugh, then you don’t use it. Let’s not pretend that anything in Halo Infinite makes any sense when it comes to Halo lore: Cat ears, digital bunny ears, santa hats, pineapple grenades, halo’s hoovering above helmets, et cetera. Not to mention all the kill effects and armor effects like flames rising from the ground where you just put your feet. This list is endless.

With everything realistic out of the window, what’s the harm in people wearing a Firefall style ODST helmet on the Mark V(b) core or the Rakshasa core? Cat ears are a million times more blasphemic when it comes to Halo lore than a Mark V helmet on a Rakshasa core.

I do think armor should only be cross core when it comes to canon cores. But if 343 ever decides to make everything cross core I wouldn’t be upset in any way.

Armor coatings should absolutely be next and I’m happy they already did visors.


You missed the point. All the meme cosmetics you mentioned (that arguably shouldn’t be in a military sci-fi shooter in the first place) don’t belong to anything, so they look fine on any core.

When you mix up different armor pieces that belong to different cores the effect is that you have different parts of your spartan that are themed differently. For example the Mark V armor pieces look more practical and rugged, whilst mark VII pieces are more refined and high tech. If you mix them up they sort of lose their identity and charm, so the final effect is that your armor looks generic.

Same with coatings. They look good on the core they are limited do because they were made specifically for that core (other than few exceptions that are already cross-core like the golden armor). I’d rather have them adapt each color set to each core with specific variations rather than simply enabling cross core.

The harm is that I’m the one who gets to see the abominations people will do with cross-core. It’s already hard enough to deal with cat ears and pink visors.

More options for coatings is my biggest want.Then accessories ( helmet, waist and wrist ) are up there as well, since they have probably the best accessories. Reach specifically had some of the better accessories…

Then go forth from there…

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I used to have the same mind set but then I thought really hard about it, and decided hmm cross core customization wouldn’t be entirely bad, as long as they did it in a way that doesn’t look too wacky for example having the Cat ears on the Mark V (B) core helmets wouldn’t look too out of place, heck I’d even like em on the Yoroi but not on my Eaglestrike Core as it just wouldn’t look quite as good lol, same with chest attachments such as the Candy pain or any of the knife chest pieces would again work well on other armor cores but again probably not so good on the Yoroi or the EagleStrike as these two particular cores should just remain untouched when it comes to cross core, as the current items that are available for mainly the Mark VII would just look very out of place on the Fracture Cores.

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Just check this video with examples of cross core and tell me they don’t look absolutely gorgeous. Starting at 2:09: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZUoegfpwQ4

Here an example of the Rakshasa core with the Firefall helmet and the Mark V(b) ODST shoulder pieces and chest piece, making essentially the OG ODST: https://mobile.twitter.com/DeltaIndex_/status/1593748387467333637

What the hell is this? They look horrible on everything, so they’re fine on every core?

You have a point with Rakshasa since half of that core’s armor pieces look to be held together with duct tape, shoe laces, and dreams, but Mark VII and Mark V[B] aren’t dissimilar enough to pull the different design language argument. Main thing there is that the latter’s coatings tend to have more wear to them and just the fact that those armor pieces have existed for a decade so they’re simply more familiar.