Whelp until season 4-5 hapoens

I think its safe for me to uninstall the game my friends no longer play it and I’m disappointed with the lack of content and with the road map being vague and having so little content to try and hold us over for another 6 months is just unacceptable for a live service game

6 months is not a season it can be argued that a season should be at least 3-4 months not 6

If you guys still have fun with the game thats great have at it but I just feel disappointed at this point

That should tell you how much confidence they have in meeting deadlines. Next to none. I feel your pain, and maybe in a year or so if the game isn’t dead it will be a little better.

Like it took them this long to give out the road map and it provides so little like i would understand them taking so long if they included more seasons in the road map with key details on what’s in season 2 and 3 but what they given us is disappointing

Like I’m just tired of the waiting game we had this with mcc, we had this with halo 5 and honestly I’m tired of the waiting game

History repeats itself. Meaning Infinite will probably not die but wow what squandered potential due to poor project management.

Like i hate how i got my hopes up thinking 343 were listening like the regular employees are cool people heck if i ever met up with postums i would buy him a drink and talk with him as that day i played with him and gamecheat was legit the most fun i had with halo for a good while

Like i know its the higher ups who should be blamed like this game was announced way too early and it needed even more delays but gotta get the quick launch money our employees can just add content later **** our reputation its not like the playerbase already distrusts us

Goodbye threads don’t really offer any discussion value