Whelp just saw late night gaming's relaunch video

And i recommend it as it shows why doing the waiting game for previous features loses players


I agree with his sentiments to an extent, but I personally don’t believe a “relaunch” is the magic bullet he seems to think it is for recapturing the brunt of the player base that’s already evaporated from this game.

You only get one shot at launching a content complete game, and 343 just completely biffed that in Nov/Dec of last year. There was enough interest drummed up for a lot of lapsed Halo fans to come check it out as well as a ton of players previously uninitiated with the series, but most of both of those groups are gone owing to Infinite’s problems, and I don’t think a “relaunch” is going to bring very many of them back.

“Johnny420” maybe played a lot of customs back in H3 and gave Infinite a shot around launch, just to duck out when it wasn’t the Halo he loved and remembered. A “relaunch” won’t generate as much hype as the initial launch for Infinite did, or even close IMO. I think most of the players who’ve bailed won’t be enticed to come back by something like that.

Truthfully I think 343i is better off trying to retain what players have stuck with the game by adding as many features as possible, as quickly as possible. I don’t think the benefit of withholding improvements and additions just for the sake of introducing them all at once will be worthwhile in terms of how much it will actually bolster the player count.


You only get one launch. LNG is a fool.

EDIT: To restate, LNG is just a gamer and a consumer. They don’t really know anything.

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I didn’t watch the video, but I’d like to use MCC as an example. 343i butchered the launch of that game. 343i did with Halo: Infinite what 343i did with MCC’s PC release.

  1. There was a widespread audio bug that caused crackling.
  2. It didn’t release with Forge or Theater. (There were mods that could enable it. The menu option for it was hidden because it was unfinished.
  3. If you ran the game above 60 FPS then there were lots of graphical issues and even stability issues.
  4. There is still no split-screen on the PC version. The mod that enables it does it by multi-boxing and connecting those two local instances together.
  5. It was only Halo: Reach. (Understandable but noteworthy. It released at the same time the Xbox version got Halo: Reach.)

These are giant issues. No split-screen? No forge? The whole game has busted audio? Playing above 60 fps can make the game look bad or cause a glitch? 343i could have made this happen with more time. MCC never recovered from this high point. Fixing bugs, adding features, and releasing the games one after another helped… but then each individual game had serious issues on launch day too. This is all really bad for retention.

343i makes my blood boil sometimes, but I’m firmly tempered in that anger because I know the individual employees are simply doing their job and aren’t at fault. There is one good thing from it though. You can learn from examples of mistakes very differently than you can learn from someone doing everything right.

There’s a Raycevick video with an ending that is very well related to this subject. Skip to 22:27 in this video.


The system at place inside of 343i is the issue. They’re making systemic mistakes. “Of or relating to systems or a system. Relating to or affecting the entire body or an entire organism.” It’s a real life complication. Whatever it is, is specific to 343i and all the moving parts around it. We won’t find out what’s going on until the dust settles and everyone involved can freely talk about it.

It’s honestly too late for a relaunch, we’re in “season 2” now, and should be in season 3 by this point

Speaking as one of those people… Yeah, they screwed it up big time, and it’s not coming back for me. I’m at the stage where I have to convince myself it’s even worth it to boot up Halo Infinite because there’s so much of Halo Infinite that I hate at the moment, from the gameplay, to performance, to customization, to PC specific bugs, to PC specific issues (red reticle…) that I just… Can’t be bothered anymore. Maybe when new stuff comes out, but it’s not like I was when I was younger with Halo 3.

I would play Halo 3 campaign over and over again when I was younger because I loved it (and I didn’t have XBLG). It was my favorite game of all time, to the point I bought a One S specifically for MCC and then pre-ordered MCC as soon as I could on Steam. I adore the classic Halo games, and while Infinite has features in that I hate in a Halo game (Sprint, Clamber, Slide, specifically), it was about as close as we were going to get to the classic Halo I love with a modern sheen and new stuff to earn that isn’t those awful Fractures armor in Halo 3 MCC.

And it’s been nothing but 343 tripping over itself for the past… 8 months now, with a content barren game, boring Events that’s basically just playing Halo Infinite normally, and so many issues that I just don’t care. This game needs double the maps, double the game modes, double the customization possibilities that it just isn’t getting. There’s so much wasted potential because 343 are just so woefully incompetent that I don’t think even a complete relaunch of the game, Halo Infinite 2.0, can save it except for the most diehard of fans. The game barely saw any interest on Steam once Season 2 dropped, and dropped about half of its total playerbase a week after the new season came out.