Wheelmans not counting as assists?

It seems as if wheelmans in Warzone aren’t counting in the stats page as assists in game. We’re getting REQ cap increases for earning medals, but I have gotten an assist medal for bumping a player that my gunner then killed, giving me two medals.

Can anyone else verify if they’re being calculated as assists at all?

I am at about 800 wheelmans and they are definitely not counting as assists. What’s the deal here?

They definitely are not counting as assists, which they should, especially since they take KDA into perspective. I enjoy driving people around in the Warthog, and it would be nice to see that fixed. Sometimes I spend all game driving, because it has always been the more fun thing to do in games.

It seems Wheelmans are being counted in the KDA formula (Kills + (Assists/3))/Deaths as assists. They just don’t register as such on the in-game scoreboard.

I personally find it a bit underwhelming when I’m driving a vehicle in BTB with a gunner who’s getting a ton of kills and the scoreboards make it seem as though I’ve done nothing. If they are, in fact, counting as assists, they might as well show up on the scoreboard.