What's your Swat CSR?

Mine is Onyx 1500, but I’m not sure what that means!

Mine’s Diamond 1. Not exactly sure where this lands on the spectrum either…

I managed to get Champion rank 107 last night, but when I logged in this morning I was around 1400 onyx

Daimond 1.
However, the spawning in SWAT is broken atm :confused:

Not played swat but the ranks are as follows;

Champion 1-200
Onyx 201-(Not Sure)
Diamond 1-6
Gold 1-6
Silver 1-6
Bronze 1-6

I think may have diamond and platinum the wrong way round will check in a minute. So the best 200 players in the world are champion 1 is best. Onyx are the best 1500 or 2500 whatever it is. Then the rest is where everyone else gets placed you have to work up through the ranks most people I guess will be placed in gold I would guess. 6 being the bottom tier of the group and 1 being the highest. anyway right now OP you are 1500 best in the world at swat.

Edit: Had diamond and platinum the wrong way round at first.