What's your plan of attack?

What’s your plan of attack?
What are you going to do 1st and what difficulty?

Look at all the armors like “I want that one and that one and that one and that one…”
Then sadly think about how long it’s gonna take to get them.
Then probably play Breakout haha

I’ll go through it on Normal first. Really want to see the story.


1: Explore UI
2: Controller settings
3. Pick an emblem + colors
4. Look at REQs (we get some with the game, plus I got the special digital edition with extra REQs, plus I got some Halo toys with REQs, so I’m hoping I got some cool armors … also I earned some armor via the MCC and the Beta)
5. If any of those REQs have weapon skins, go to town customizing those.
6. First mission of campaign on normal to explore, get a feel for AI (if too easy, restart on heroic)
7. Complete campaign at painfully slow pace, exploring every nook and cranny looking for intel and skulls and easter eggs
8. Watch Fall of Reach
9. Play one Warzone match
10. Play one Arena match
11. Play one Breakout match
12. Repeat steps 9-11
13. Go to bed because you started at midnight and it’s probably 10pm Tuesday. lol
14. Play campaign co-op with friends
15. Hit Warzone and Arena HARD for months on end.
16. Never finish that Dishonored DLC because Halo 5.
17. Put off buying Battlefront because the beta kinda sucked and wait until it’s on sale in January because Halo 5.
18. Put off buying Assassin’s Creed Syndicate until Spring or Summer of next year because Halo 5.
19. Put of showering for a week because Halo 5.


I always play through a chunk of Halo’s campaign first. So multiplayer can wait as a binge play on Heroic.

Go straight to the customization and do what I can with it. Plus open all my promotional req packs and get prepped for warzone. Then I might play a match of warzone, then dive into the campaign solo on legendary.

I will see what I can customize then campaign

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> Go read what he said, it takes up too much space

Pretty much this