what's your perfect halo dream game?

my halo dream game:

  • if this was possible… put all the halo campaign on 1 disc. campaign starts with reach, ce, 2, 3, 4, and 5, 6 when they come out.
  • have firefight updated to include the new promethean enemies. no spartan ops for me.
    -firefight and campaign can also go into theater mode, unlike in halo 4…
  • have multiplayer play like halo 2 and 3. but include some features in halo 4 (like armor customization and most weapons are well balance).
  • no instant spawn, no sprint, no dmr, no aa (especially camo as aa), no other bullsh*t, etc.
    -halo 4 spoils you with everything at your finger tips, while in previous halo games, you had to “work” to get it. i like to earn it, not be given to me at the beginning of the game.
    ^^^ this would be my perfect halo game. ^^^

what’s your perfect halo game?

>More bubble cannons
>Less bubble cannons

halo wars 2

innovative yet balance gameplay.

return from mfps (modern first person shooter) and back to a arena shooter where everyone starts equally and skill decides the winner.

slow down the kill times to be more in par with halo 2/halo 3

return weapons to on map timed and known locations, random ness has no place in a competitve game.

map design and flow design ideas centralized into a basic comcept, which is then uniquely created per map (namely, a focus on balanced map flow and correct pacing of a map, to be unique per map)

vehicles strengthened against bullets and gunfire, but weakened against explosives, thus bringing back the vehicle gameplay without making it two over powered (cause dmr team shooting a mantis from across the map is bloody stupid)

competitive and non competitve gametypes with notable reqards for both sides.

correction of clipping on armour design.

Halo 4 without personal ordnance, jetpack, join in progress, the dmr, or the boltshots overcharge, and improve forge and customs.


Halo with significantly less magnetism. One that requires some degree of skill to be good at.

> Halo 4 without personal ordnance, jetpack, join in progress, the dmr, or the boltshots overcharge, and improve forge and customs.


Pretty much the OP.

Halo 3 Multiplayer system
Reach Aesthetics + Forge/customs
ODST quality music
Halo 2 campaign

My favorite parts of each game combined to create the ultimate Halo experience

Combine the campaigns appropriately.
Use Halo 3 multiplayer with every H3/H2/CE map. Every map from all three games.

Thats my dream game.

One with Paintball Mode. Seriously, why is 007 the only -Yoinking!- shooter to have done this?!

It already exists. It’s servers were taken down. :frowning:

Honestly, I want new core mechanics but I’d like the options to recreate the mechanics from past Halo games if I want to.

I want to have a game that isn’t unplayable and unenjoyable due to incessant lag and connection problems.

I want a Forge that allows building maps from the ground-up.

I want a Spartan Ops Forge that lets you design your own SO missions and settings which I imagine would also allow for fan-made “Firefight” game modes.

I want a longer campaign with more exploration and less invisible walls and kill barriers so I can explore! (Really a chunk of appeal Halo 3 had was getting out of the campaign maps; it was fun.)

I want a Custom Game Matchmaking System.

I want balanced gameplay.

I want all of the old Halo maps remade (either by 343i’s hand or by them allowing fans to do it; either way works).

I want a ranking/exp system that only rewards you for success and doesn’t give out free exp just for being there.

I want the JIP “feature” to be torn to shreds and forgotten about.

I want armor to mean something beyond just being aesthetic pieces; or at least giving the option for it to actually mean something).

I could go on, but if all of that was put into Halo 5 I’d throw in my hat and call it GOTY right then and there…provided it was done well of course.

Master Chief, Cortana, Sgt. Johnson, Captain Keyes, Miranda Keyes, Lord Hood, Buck, Rookie, Arbiter, Rtas 'Vadum, Vergil, Miller, Roland, and Lasky all have a lovely tea party together and play pin the tail on the Prophet of Truth and Captain Del Rio.

And they live happily ever after. The end.

More Knight ranks while adjusting the currently existing ones.

Lancers should not have the Binary Rifle. That should be given to a new Knight: Knight Vedette

Battlewagons should not have the Scattershot. They should have distinct combat from other Knights. As in, no guns. Just their sword and skills.

Lastly, I want difficulty distinction. CE PoA made you melee a door and wait in the cryo tube on Easy but on Legendary, you could take a different path and it skipped the waiting.

> One with Paintball Mode. Seriously, why is 007 the only -Yoinking!- shooter to have done this?!

perfect dark has it too =)