What's your opinion on Forge maps in matchmaking?

With a more advanced Forge that’s been allowing better maps to be created, what is your opinion on the idea of forged maps in matchmaking? Do you like it or do you dislike it?

a little column A a little column B

Some are nice very well put together others looked like they built it with one hand, turned around, with an upside down controller on inverse controls, max sensitivity, earplugs in and no feeling in that hand.

I care more about how the map plays than how it looks. Sure I would rather have good looking developer made maps but 343 seems only able to make good warzone maps. All the arena maps aren’t very good. I only play FFA and BTB pretty much in the arena. The only FFA maps I like are Truth and Regret. Torque has grown on me some as well. All the BTB maps 343 made have sucked except Basin it was ok… the only good btb maps have all been remakes which I won’t count as a 343 map.

Of course, the more the merrier! My problem is that they are passed off as developer maps. There is no difference in my mind between a community made forge map and a forge map that was a collaboration between the community and the developer.

I don’t mind some of them cause they are made pretty well.

I’d love to see some more arena forged maps. The rotation has become quite stale at this time. Also it would hopefully get rid of the abomination that is Pegasus.

they’ve learned how to make decent ones. Seeing how they can touch on the aesthetics since launch we’ve gotten some nice looking ones.

I don’t care how a map is made. Be it original, remix, or forge. If it plays well then who cares?

My opinion?

Lazy devs, but more fun maps than the devs could’ve make.

The game should have a good amount of quality forge maps in matchmaking, now more than ever.

Yet forge is not a replacement for good developer created maps, and doesn’t excuse a lack of those.

BTB always had big maps and it seems that 343 doesn’t want to spend any time on BTB. I feel in the forge BTB, I feel claustrophobic. I think H4 had great BTB maps with BTB DLC maps.

I personally don’t mind as long as they look relatively good, play well, and are balanced

I think more forge maps should be put up and forge should be improved. I really feel 343i should consistently be involved with their community and game.

there are definitely some great maps out there which people made which are great like i think its called Andy’s room its like fighting in toy story lol