What's your MOST favourite Halo: CE Mission

Inspired by the least favourite Halo: CE mission thread.

What’s your favourite Halo: CE mission, why?

My favourite mission has to be the Library. For me it’s a very definitive level for the character development of 343 Guilty Spark. He makes you fight through four floors of an onslaught of flood. Seeing if you are the true reclaimer. He really is a bit psychotic.
it gives you an insight to his character.

Got to be AoTCR…just feels so right

silent cartog and AotCr/TB will always shine in my eyes.

> silent cartog and AotCr/TB will always shine in my eyes.

Easily Silent Cartographer, the build of the level was amazing! I felt that it truly represented the message of Halo.

All of them except the one where you rescue Captain Keyes.

Anything without flood.

Personally, I never found Cartographer to be that amazing. What really stood out to me was AotCR, and the Maw.

Two Betrayals. The final battle is amazing. Two Wraiths, Hunters, camo Elites, rocket flood, tons of miscellaneous infantry, and one Master Chief.

Plus once you win you can take the Banshee into the huge bridge cave and free fall for like 18 seconds.

Silent cartographer

I like pillar of autum because its in space. Silent Cartographer is second

My favourite mission is AotCR, I just loved the vehicles, change of pace and a new environment.

The last level, I just loved going thru the damaged Pillar of Autumn then the classic warthog trip.

The Maw. And as second one Two Betrayals

I really enjoyed Truth and Reconciliation. Pumping that 50 cal lead into those aliens faces…
And the frantic spinning to kill the invis elites before they kill your marines.

But my other favourites are SC and AotCR