What's your guys' definition of a Halo game?

I’ve seen this claim on and off again for quite some time now: “Halo 4/5 is an ok game, but it’s a terrible Halo game.”
What do you mean by that? What about Halo sets it off from other games of the same genre like COD or Battlefield to you guys? To me the answer is very clear: story. Since Halo 1, I’ve been interested in the history of the Halo universe as told in the games and what happens off of that. Simply put, I enjoy the story it has to tell. But what about you guys? What is your definition of a Halo game?

I don’t really have definition of a Halo game but for a Halo game I would say Halo CE up to Reach.

-Has a specific kind of art style.
-Has a specific feel to its music.

Both of these are things that modern Halo changes immensely and fails to capture properly. I don’t feel like I should even have to explain it to anyone who played the first few games. Don’t tell me that this looks consistent with this. Or what about this?

As for the music, I’ve talked about it a bit elsewhere.

-Maps designed around competitive arena gameplay, featuring interesting, abstract and often elevated designs, focused map flow, and unique features like teleporters and gravity lifts. As opposed to modern millitary shooters, where the maps are based on real places, typically flat and unimaginative, and have less emphasis on competitive map flow.

This is a custom map, but it’s what I expect from a Halo game. The differences between this kind of map, and the kind of map you’d find in any CoD game, should be obvious.
Meanwhile Halo 5 has maps like Empire, which is just a flat rooftop you could just as easily expect to find in a CoD title.

-Emphasis on all players starting on more or less equal and identical footing.

This was tampered with in Halo Reach and absolutely destroyed in Halo 4.

-Emphasis on power item control.

This was almost entirely eliminated in Halo 4 before the Title Update added more weapons to maps and removed Personal Ordnance.

-Spawn with a utility precision weapon, with niche weapons on the map. Small, focused, competitive sandbox design.


-Movement and Combat are almost seamless. Players are encouraged to perform actions while moving, and use movement to throw off or juke their opponents during a fight.

I could go on and on about the various ways modern Halo has tampered with this. Sprint obviously, but sprint isn’t the only culprit.

-I could go on but that’s enough for now.

Returning characters / weapons / vehicles
continued storyline

I actually do not know.I guess whatever halo game that is official is a halo game to me.I like every halo so I do not know what to say.

Dat 4 shot BR.