What's your favourite location in the Halo universe?

What’s everyone’s favourite location out of the entire Halo universe? I would say the Halo rings themselves but I want to say something a little different and go with Shield Worlds, their designs are just so interesting to me, so it’s Requiem for me!


My favorite location in the Halo Universe are the Lesser Ark, and Installation O1 (also known as Beta Halo). The Lesser Ark is pretty self explanatory. It has a big variety of landscapes, wildlife and structures, and it was the last stronghold of the Forerunner empire, and ironically also the last stronghold of the Covenant empire as well. I really just love the arks design and it’s importance in the stories of the civilisations that came across it.

My reasons for Installation 01 are a bit more… personal. I have a headcanon about a Covenant remnant fleet that found a slip space portal via. coordinates they’ve found on a human colony. The thing is just that the UNSC was just as interested in the portal, and the Halo Installation at it’s other end. Eventually the Covenant remnant faction actually manages to light the portal while having a space battle with the local UNSC fleet, the UNSC knowing of the thread of course follows. Now at Installation 01 the Covenant remnant fleet and the UNSC fleet are doing hit and run maneuvers against each other since they don’t have the naval assets needed to do a full on space battle, leading to both sides also utilizing Forerunner systems like particle cannons to turn the campaign into their favor. That battle hasn’t ended as of now. Yes the short summary is still pretty long…

Gosh, this is a tough one! There are just so many great locations across both the games and books that it’s hard to choose just one! I’d list a few top favorites but if I had to go with only one, it would have to be the Onyx Shield World Sarcophagus.

It’s such a massive location, and the books that take place there really give you a sense of the scale and scope of it, while also only just scratching the surface. I’d love to see Sarcophagus as a location in the games someday, at least as the location of a multiplayer map if nothing else.

The Halo rings are such a big piece of Halo!

My favorite location is the Halo 2 bridge that you get to cross in campaign where Sgt. Johnson drops off a tank. I love the quote “he never gets me anything.”


It has to be Genesis for me. It is alien in every sense of the word, has astounding views, and a Monitor with a bubbly, charming attitide to boot. Whenever I load up a mission that takes place there on Halo 5: Guardians, I always take a moment to look at the backdrop.

New Mombasa in Odst. So many fun areas to shoot, drive and explore, especially at the end of the game when trying to leave the city!


Sanghelios. Just loved seeing the elite homeworld.

Either Earth, The Lesser Ark or Sanhelios.

Gotta say my fav location in all of Halo is Zeta Halo. It has a rich and terrifying history. So much went down there with so many big characters. Can’t wait to finally set foot on there next month.

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Both Arks and Zeta Halo. The most important places in forerunner-flood war

I really like 004 and Requiem, they both have some impressive and beautiful biomes.

And I can’t wait to see what Zeta Halo will look like!

High Charity is my favorite. The overlooking view of the city was really something special.

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I like the UNSC places, but my favorite would be Ciro station maybe even the infinity levels on halo 4

I have to Go with Delta Halo. Those ancient Ruins in the Lush Environments+ the Quarantine Zone and the 10.000 year Battle Happening there. So much mystery and Backstory Surrounding that Ring.

Earth, I love seeing Halo’s take on our own planet.

Halo CE mission : Halo, the first time you step on the ring as Master Chief, can never forget.

Very hard choice between Sanghelios and the Lesser Ark

For me, it would have to be the Sentinel Wall and the Quarantine Zone beyond it on Delta Halo. It’s just MASSIVE, probably the biggest structure we’ve ever been through in the games aside from the Ark and Halos themselves.

When you get through that first wall and deactivate the containment shield, and cross a huge open chasm on a gondola, it’s just breathtaking, and contrasts well with the tight and confined spaces inside the wall.

And then you pass through the second wall and into the Quarantine Zone proper, with the Library looming high in the background. By far one of my favourite moments in Halo. And then there’s the trek through the Zone itself, with Flood-controlled vehicles everywhere, battling against Sentinels around every corner, with Steve Vai’s legendary guitar sounding like it’s screaming through the canyons.

That whole section remains one of my favourite parts of the whole Halo franchise.

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Reach has always been my favorite. Reading the Fall of Reach for the first time made me want to go there and then playing Reach was just an absolute blast. I think I did more exploring in Reach than any of the other Halos.

Probably High Charity for me. I love scifi with big cities, like a lot of cyberpunk, or an ecumenoplis (city planet) like Coruscant from Star Wars so a giant city ship is pretty damn cool to me.
One little bit of lore i liked was that on the lower districts the growing population of Grunts on High Charity forced Jackals to relocate which stressed the female’s and their birthing so birthrates of Jackals went down with infant mortality going up. So some radical Jackal’s poisoned the Grunts recreational drug that they would put in their methane tanks causing sterilization in male Grunts. This started off the Unggoy Rebellion, which is something I’d love to see a short film / animated film / graphic novel about

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