What's your favorite weapon skin in Halo 5?

I love the Master Control skins, it’s so Tron like! :smiley: I also love the full moon pistol skin too! What skins do you guys like?

I paid for the ones i like :I

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> I paid for the ones i like :I

Yikes, that stinks… I wouldn’t dare pay money for a weapon skin, that’s just me though… I know people will buy just about anything. lol.

The Master Control skins are great (made by Vetoed whom is an awesome YTer btw). My favorite are the HCS weapon skins (the white one that came from the first HCS pack last December I believe).

Legrange for my AR. I unlocked it with the 1st gold pack I ever opened. Which was like the third pack I ever got because I didn’t know about the Silver grind.

It looks pretty good with a lot of different armors if you match armor colors with its colors.

Master Control, and sometimes I switch back to the first HCS skin that I grinded to earn 80,000 RP’s for.

ODST of course, as my gamertag and spartan make it very apparent as to why.

For my AR I use the standard skin.

For standard loadout (Assault Rifle & Magnum) I have really been enjoying the Halo Reach. I haven’t even played the game, the skin just looks so good. I know the lore though, and experience extreme nostalgia anytime I here Kukri or Reach.

For WZ loadout I use gold standard, and although I have really loved it the past month, I think I’m finally growing out of it. I don’t really have anything else to equip, though. Maybe Last Dawn…

With my AR and Pistol I use the Master Control Skins, I think they turned out really great from Vetoed’s design. I like mixing up the other weapon skins though.

Overall, probably Master Control (props, Vetoed). I feel the need to change my skins up every so often though. I’m going to be rocking Noble Team skins when I next hop on.

HCS skins.

Gold standard, master control, noble team and the really pristine and professional looking one. I forgot what it’s called, but it has gold decals and it has MC’s helmet on the grip

Either Aurum, Blue team or ODST. They’re all awsome

I like landgrave on most of the weapons but especially the magnum

Probably the Covenant themed one, oh wait it seems 343i forgot the obvious…again.

Let it be known to all that we got our pizza assault rifles before we got our plasma assault rifles.

It depends on the gun.

Magnum: Spirit of Fire
AR: Old Abe (It just seems so American)
Everything else: Master Control

Magnum: 343 industries
BR: HCS Contender
SMG: Landgrave
DMR: Gold standard

All of my skins are different LOL.

Gold standard. I actually don’t see many use them with that stupid tron looking one and a few other skins

AR: Bracer (Legendary). First skin I ever got, and a really good looking one at that.
BR: Prestige (Ultra Rare). It makes my Hybrid BR look like a banana and that’s awesome.
Magnum: Ruptive (Ultra Rare). This used to be my BR skin, but it looks better on the Magnum and I also got Prestige for the BR around the same time.
DMR: Spiral (Rare). Fits well with my Spartan paint job and also my Weapons Free stance. Also it was either this or Azure Dream.
SMG: Fade (Uncommon). I don’t have another SMG skin, and Fade is okay. It’s definitely better than default