What's Your Favorite Reach Helmet?

Mine is CQB. :3

Mark V

Mark V or Mark VI.

I like Recon too.

I like Operator.

EVA w/ 3rd attachment

> Mark V

pilot with the hul 3 attachment

Mark V is winning, but the weird thing is I hardly ever see people with the Mark V. :L

Military Police.

Mark IV and EOD ftw

Ever since Halo: CE, I’ve been loyal to the Mark V. That is my helmet hehe. And I’ll be -Yoink!- if it’s not in the next three Halo games. xD

a 3 way tie for me;

> Mark V


lol you have created quite a few threads already haven’t you? the reason I keep checking back on them is because I find the discussions quite interesting, anyways my fav helmz are Recon and Mark VI

Unlike Bungies’s thread limit, I like the freedom of posting as fast I can type. I like to type, so… :3

never knew bnet had a thread limit, that sucks :expressionless: i guess its because I mostly just replied to threads over there but now this is my new forum home so I don’t have to worry about that.

Mark V

military police

CQB all the way. Has been my favorite since Halo 3, and it only looks better in Reach. Too bad the rest of the CQB set didn’t make it into Reach. :\

Both the helmets available through Waypoint are my favourites. Military Popo with the added lip reminds me of the Halo 3 Scout, which I used to love.