What's Your Favorite map? Hated Map?

Favorite Map: Powerhouse, Plays good.

Hated Map: Boardwalk, Feels clunky and poor with gameplay.


Favorite Map: Anchor 9, Fun and plays well aside from the 0 G outer area.

Hated Map: Highlands, Too many Power Weapons (Ones that destroy vehicles (Spartan Lazer, Plasma Launcher, Rockets?)

Favorite: Zealot

Hated: A lot of the community maps are terrible, but Atom, Abridged, Select, and Enclosed stand out.

Favorite:Anchor 9

Hated:Highlands and Bourdwalk also.

Favorite: I hate to say it but the cage.

Hated: All the maps people only play in matchmaking (IE: Hemmorage, Swordbase (Team), Reflection, Powerhouse,)

Mediocre: (ones i dont hate but dont like either) zealot, pinnacle

Favorite: Zealot.
Hated: All the others but Countdown and Powerhouse.

dreadnaught and magus from the classic playlist. the 2 most abysmal maps ever made.

I like Sword base and Powerhouse, they played well in reach, But wtf is with all the remakes? Remakes were designed for old gameplay formulas, putting them in Reach is like Lifting a goats Heart and putting it into an elephant its just not going to work.

Favorite: MLG Sanctuary, Kingdom

Least Favorite: Reflection

Best: Anything from Halo 2 or Halo 3. If it had to be a Reach map it would be Reflection and the Anniversary remakes.

Worst: Anything from Reach, with the exception of Reflection and the Anniversary remakes.

Favorite: Asylum, probably.

Least favorite? All of them. ALL of the maps suck, SO bad in this game. They create -zero- interesting gameplay and always have some huge flaw with the map.

Favorite: I really like Reflection.

Hated: Enclosed and Atom. To the creators of those maps: May God have mercy on your soul.

DLC: Favorite: Tempest.

Hated: Breakpoint.

My favorite map has got to be Highlands. I haven’t gotten to play it as much as I’d want to on account of the fact that nobody I know seems to have DLC. It reminds me of Valhalla, to a degree, and I think harkens back to the older types of map design. It’s a grand open vehicle map with many places where foot soldiers can shine. That IS Halo BTB.

On the other hand, I absolutely despise Sword Base. Red Team gets a HUGE edge, they get the high ground, the Grenade Launcher, the Sniper Rifle, and the Plasma Grenades. It takes way too long to get from where you are to where you want to go. It is also VERY campable.

Default Maps

Favorite: Countdown - I prefer symmetric maps, and Countdown is the best one. Only thing that bothers me a bit are two CQC weapons (i.e. shotgun and sword) on a map where it’s very easy to camp in narrow parts of the map and where most encounters occur on rather close range.

Least favorite: Hemorrhage - I disliked the shoe box design in H2’s Coagulation already, and vehicles are far too numerous on that map.

DLC Maps

Favorite: Highlands - Not only breathtakingly beautiful but also very good to play at. Doesn’t feel empty in 4-vs-4, and doesn’t feel crowded in BTB.

Least favorite: Breakpoint - Has a few severe design flaws like being able to DMR/snipe virtually everyone from the ridge, and the tunnel allows for bomb arms in less than 30 seconds.

> Highlands - Not only breathtakingly beautiful but also very good to play at. Doesn’t feel empty in 4-vs-4

What? People vote Highlands in premium slayer (5v5) and the winning team often doesn’t crack 40, with maybe one person quitting. And the ridiculous power weapon respawns ruined it.