What's Your Favorite/Least Favorite Map?

My favorite is Solace and least is Vortex. What about you guys?

If you want to see an overview of each one I uploaded a video. Watch if you’d like:

My favourite is Meltdown but I love them all!

Just off of watching gameplay and such I’d say my favorite so far is Meltdown. I think it’ll be great for Big Team.

Least favorite is Adrift.

Ofcourse these are just all based off of watching others/seeing walkthroughs. Not me playing myself.


haven is obviously the most competitive map in the game, and IMO the most competitive are typically the best maps overall.

least favorite-complex

to me complex is a mixed bag, which isnt a necessarily bad thing but it usually means that the map isnt good nor bad for anything.

think of complex as jack of all trades, master of none type of map.

For competitive most favorite is probably adrift
Least favorite I cannot choose they’re all so awesome!

Favourite, probably between Haven and Abandoned. Least favourite, either Complex or Vortex. I’ll have to play them each of course though (numerous times).

Favorite: Abandon with Longbow in a close second.
Least Favorite: Adrift, looks way too campy and the interior visuals are not as scifi as I would like.

Favorite : All
Least Favorite : None

Favourite: Longbow
Least Favourite: like them all but…Adrift

Meltdown looks perfect. That’s my favorite followed by Haven, Abandoned, and Longbow.

Least favorite would be Adrift and Vortex.

Favorite? Meltdown possibly. Least favorite? Thats kind of hard… they all look great. Probably adrift.

My favorite is Solace and Ragnarok
My least favorite is Haven. Haven just looks to bland. But it will most likely grow on me.


Favorite: Complex. You can go in buildings or fight inside, reminds me of Standoff. Longbow in 2nd.
Least Favorite: Haven, probably because I’ve seen it too much. The center is just going to be a camping spot. If your on the bottom level, your at a disadvantage.

Abandon - Favorite.

No particular reason beyond the fact I like how the map lays out, the mysterious elements in it, and ultimately, its the one map I’m still asking myself, “What the hell happened here?”

Don’t have a least favorite.

> Favorite : All
> Least Favorite : None

Same though from what I have seen abandon doesn’t look all that great but that was 30 seconds of footage lol.

From what I have seen so far, probably Vortex.

I’m pretty sure all the maps are going to be good, but from the gameplay on Vortex that I saw, it doesn’t look that appealing to me.

> My favorite is Solace and least is Vortex. What about you guys?

Oh man you’re gonna hate me XD. My top favourites are tied between Vortex and Meltdown lol. Least favourites are tied between Adrift and Complex. But of course, my opinions may change when I actually get to play on them :).

I can’t really tell without playing them

Not sure but based off of what weve seen.

Best: Haven

Worst: Complex? I really can’t answer this question.