whats your favorite Halo map?

I’m wondering wants the most favorite maps of the Halo universe . Mines Valhala from Halo 4.

Mine’s Haven, love the up-close and personal

My favorite map would have to be… Bloodgulch from CE or Lockout from H2, I cant decide which I like better.

Guardian, halo 3 for me

Forge World and Epitaph!!!

Chill Out from Halo CE

Definitely, Haven.

In Order… Lockout H2 and H3, Guardian H3, Anchor 9 Reach, Complex H4, Ragnarok H4, High Ground H3, Middle Ship H2 and H3… I know there’s more awesome in the maps but I cant remember every single one, Complex and Anchor 9 are specially good.

Halo 3 Guardian

My favorite maps are “Sandtrap”, and “Valhala” from Halo 3, but also “Blood Gulch” from Halo CE ! :slight_smile:

Forge Island all the way in Forge or Custom. In Matchmade, Ragnarok.

I’d say Lockout from Halo 2 and Abandon from H4. Those maps are simple and straight up infantry.

Abandon from halo 4, and valhalla from both Halo 3 and 4

haven and ragnarok

Construct - Halo 3

Ragnarok hands down.

Haven & Solace all the way

Here’s the thing, I didn’t get into Halo until Combat Evolved: Anniversary Edition came out for 360, so I don’t have an old opinion as most Halo players. My favorite map definitely varies from game mode to game mode, but if I had to pick one, it would be Halo 4’s Adrift in the Swat lobby. If you and your teammates can conquer those hallways, it’s game over! Haven is a close second on my list though!

The Pit/Pitfall from Halo 3 and Halo 4 respectively.

I have a list, because I love too many.

Orbital - Halo 3
Boardwalk - Halo Reach
Boarding Action - Halo CE
Avalanche/Sidewinder - Halo 3, Halo CE
Skyline - Halo 4

I like Orbital because it’s pretty much my ultimate vision of a Halo 3 CQC map.

I like Boardwalk because of the mix of effective tyles- I’ve done good as a shotgunner, sniper, and marksman on that map.

I like Boarding Action because… Well, I just like it.

I like Avalance.SideWinder because I played the most BTB customs on those maps back in the day.

I like Skyline because it’s a great CQC map.