Whats your favorite gun in Halo: Infinite?

For thos who played the tech previews what gun was your favorite to use so far?

Dynamo Grenades.

Best grenade they’ve made in years.

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So far I’d say the pulse rifle, but Ravager is a close second.

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Disruptor seems really cool, as does the new Cindershot.

  • Vk78 Commando
  • Gauntlet of Titanfalling
  • Skewer

The Battle Rifle.
It’s always been my favourite weapon, and this version is up there with H2 for me.

When it comes to new weapons I think I’ll go with the Ravager, it felt so satisfying and fit perfectly in Halo.
Considering the Ravager, I don’t think we’ll be seeing a Brute-shot, which is really sad, but I like the Ravager anyway.

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Needler assault rifle, and heatwave.

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