What's your favorite feature about Halo 4?

I’ve been reading way too many negative posts about Halo 4 lately. So for a change of pace, i’d like to hear about your favorite feature in Halo 4?

Join in progress. No lie.

The very large list of customizable armor, i just love to sit there for ages and mess with my armor and try new combos on.

> Join in progress. No lie.

Easily one of my favorites!

I like the mechanical feel of the game, it sorta has a rigidness to it that makes it separate from any other game I’ve played.

> Join in progress. No lie.

Join in Progress is a god send. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to fight uneven matches in previous Halo games, even Halo 3. :stuck_out_tongue:

Extraction, the Light Rifle, and I do like the Railgun. It could stand to get a bit of an aim assist reduction though.

I like that the Forerunners played a huge role in the campaign, and that you get to play as Master Chief again!

Well, Dominion has interactive pieces, even if most will only work in Dominion.

I also wanted to see an LMG in Halo for a while.

the sound crunch of a high fall

The Didact’s voice.

The new weapons are very original and cool for me.

The light rifle and Dominion.