whats your favorite covenant "oneliner"?

i would have to say that my favorite oneliner is when you are about to kill and elite and he just says “AAHHHHHHH” and to finish it with a long “NOOOOOOOO”. hands down, the best to me.
whats your favorite?

“If you stare at me much longer, we might as well exchange fluids!”-Sangheili minor Halo 2

haha thats a good one. never heard it before.

> haha thats a good one. never heard it before.

You be suprised on what the IWHBYD skull does lol

i could never get it. i looked up how to and it just confused me.

jab jab he was my best friend

The classic: “Wort wort wort”

“Is this because of Reach?”
After Meleeing an Elite a few times with the IWHBYD skull on in Halo 3.

“Humans! Dont be afraid! I have a banana!”-Halo 2 Sangheili

when you stick an elite in halo 1 and he runs around going aieeeeeeee

Grunt 1- “You know, at this point, if the demon gets us, and rips out our little skulls, and…and takes off our backpacks, and then humps us with his big… demony… butt!”

Grunt 2- “Ha-ha, we deserve it!”

This one cracked me up. Good times, Halo 3… good times.

In Halo Limited addition version there is a glitch were an elite says " I would have been your daddy but the dog beat me over the fence !!! " it gave me good lolz :slight_smile:

well just watch this xD


i love that too

“It’s safe to come out now! this is Sergeant…Humanoid…Yeah…”

Once I Heard: “You Killed My Lover!” From A Bruute…

“I uhh…I…I think your cute too”-Halo 2 Sangheili

What? Do you want me to say ‘Wort wort wort’? Halo 3 Sangheili Quote

That “NOOOOOOO” Thing OP mentioned. It sounds like they’re saying “DUUUUHHH!!!”

It’s funny as hell when Chief just walks into a room and one sees him and points and makes that noise.

Although the Grunt dialogue is unbeatably hilarious (how the frack could Bungie take that away in Halo Reach? Idiots), the ultimate Halo dialogue is, and always will be;


(and who thought it was a good idea to take that away in Halo 2?)