What's your favorite colors on your spartan? and why?

My favorite colors on my Spartan: Are shockingly Red & Pink.

Why: The beginning of my Halo career [Addiction] I had my spartan first red, then I realized that I had a secondary choice and chose Pink. Ever since I’ve loved the way both of the colors go together.

Primary: Steel
Secondary: Blue

The reason I chose this was because when it came to designing my Spartan, I wanted him to look more unique and not so cliche like I see on mostly everybody els on Multi-player.

I don’t have a favorite color on my spartan, because I constantly change it. My friend said to me one time, that I change my spartan’s armor and color more than women change their clothes. Which is fine with me.


Green anything. I liked to use a lighter shade along with a darker shade.

Why? For obvious reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine is Olive green with Blue Haunted visor. I prefer originality and of course since your Spartan was on Halo Reach and it got glossed! The haunted helmet seems to fit the scenario.

Black and white.
Red and blue.
But my personal favorite is Gold and steel.

I could have my armor in any color i wanted, as long as it was blue.

All blue for me. Not surprising since Sonic the Hedgehog back in the 90s was my first video game ever as a kid. Ah nostalgia…

Red & Blue

Fits well with the Military Police Helmet :slight_smile:

It’s hard for me to find something I like, because it’s usually dictated by how the armor itself comes together. But I usually tend to like White/Cobalt or White/Orange, with either color being primary or secondary.

OD and light brown. they are the colours of a hunter.

sage and brown with a gold visor i dont know why i just like it. that or blue

Favorite colors: Blue (Primary) and white (Secondary)
Why: Blue is my favorite color. Not really sure why I chose white as my secondary color, maybe it was for my giant shoulder pauldrons.
Armor (Extra): Recon UA-HUL [3], HP-HALO, COMMANDO Shoulders left and right, UGPS Wrist, Tactical Trauma Kit, and FJ/Para Knees.

Black and teal. Or just plain black. I’m more of stealth and plus it just looks so awesome.

Black White Stealth.


White Gold Holy Spartan.

My favorite is

Primary: Teal
Secondary: Maroon, or a dark Red or Purpleish color.

That’s from Halo 2, in 3 and Reach my clot varies depending on how it looks with the armor and whether or not I’m an elite, but Teal is my favorite.

Olive with a gold visor

Just like the Chief

Purely Green. As an Emblem I use a Green Cog Background with a Blue Cross-hair with a Red Dot in the centre

Two colours of Green because…well…shouldn’t it be obvious?

In CE it was either Black or Cobalt.

Now it’s Steel. Just Steel.

Never liked how they changed the placement for the secondary colours for Halo 3 and Reach. Just seems off.

In Halo 2 I usually used Steel and Blue, though I mixed it up all the time. Cobalt and Gold was my second favourite.

Primary: Black
Secondary: Blue or green. Certain shades of blue and green, mind you, but unfortnately, I can’t recall color names right now. So I’ll just leave it at something simple.

Why: Black goes with just about anything. Blue matches one of my original characters, the one whose name is my current gamertag. Green matches another of my original characters, one whose name was my former gamertag before I got Xbox Live.