What's your favorite auto loadout?

I like them all, but I’ll edge it to the storm rifle. It works the best with jetpack as it always puts you in optimum sr range above a guy. I also like how it has no upwards recoil like the others, just feels easier to aim. It has just a tad more eeerrff than the ar too which I like

I really love the Storm Rifle. It’s accurate, powerful and just overall really cool and fun to use!

I mostly use the AR if I use an Automatic. Haven’t tried out the Storm Rifle much.

I’m trying to master the UNSC weapons first so I always use the Assault Rifle and haven’t really used either of the other automatic loadout weapons.

I use the Storm Rifle a bit when I want to mix things up a little.

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You forgot one. The


I’m one of the few that uses the Suppressor